Book Review: Murder in the Bowery



Frank is asked to find a newsie. He locates the boy but later the child is killed. Frank believes he led the killer to the boy and he needs answers. He soon finds that the boy’s death is connected to the death of a young lady who was the lover of a very powerful and dangerous man.

My Rating:


This book was fairly typical of this series. Nothing new or mind blowing. I wasn’t entirely sure who the killer(s) were until near the end but it wasn’t a huge surprise when it was revealed.

I did not love that the author went back to a previously used motive that was fairly unsettling last time. I know there are only so many reasons to murder someone but, without spoilers, this one has been done by her before and is not what one would necessarily expect in a Viictorian era mystery.

I also was not sure how I felt about “justice” in this book. I know that in many of these books the bad guys can’t just be turned over to the police. That is part of the point of this series. Still, I didn’t really feel like justice was served by how things ended.

I also feel a little “meh” about the overall story arc at this point. I am excited that Frank got his agency but much of the series overreaching story arc is neatly tied up with a bow. I certainly didn’t feel the sense of “I need the next book right NOW” that I have at other times in this series. Sarah does have a new pet project which is opening a hospital but for me it just doesn’t have the same stakes as the story arc up until this point.

In the earlier books in the series there was a secondary plot of will Sarah and Frank get together, who is Catherine, what will happen to Brian. All of those things are pretty much through. Hoping that the author can add some new exciting story arcs because otherwise this series will move from one of my favorites to just a decent mystery series.

Still, I recommend reading this series. It is one of my favorites. Start at book one though.

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Book Review: Murder in Morninsgside Heights



Frank has just opened his new private investigator agency and already he is called on to investigate a murder. The murdered woman is a teacher who was killed in broad daylight on school grounds.

My Rating:


This book holds a special place in my heart because it was the book that got me into this series. I picked it up when it was first released because it looked interesting. I read about a quarter through and realized that this was a great series but that there was way too much going on for me to catch up. I needed to start at book one.

So, this book launched my adventure into this series. It has been an amazing ride along the way.

The mystery in this book was only so so. It was pretty obvious who the killer was early on.

I was glad to have Frank and Sarah back after their absence in the last book. I would have loved another book between that one and this as Frank set up his agency but that is a very minor complaint. This book, in a way, launches a new chapter in the series. Frank has a private investigator business and Sarah starts work on a new passion project to take her back to midwifery.

My favorite thing about this book was that Malloy got attacked instead of Sarah. Much of this book deals with gender equality and honestly I was tired of Sarah always being the damsel in distress.

This is a great series and I am excited to see what happens now that Frank is a private investigator instead of a police officer.


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Book Review: Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue




Sarah and Frank are away on their honeymoon but that doesn’t stop murders from happening.

Una was found by police cradling the head of her dead husband. She claims she didn’t kill him but can Gino and Mauve prove it?



This was my least favorite book in the series to date ( I have read every book up to Murder in the Bowery).

The mystery was just okay. I suspected who the killer was pretty early on so the mystery pretty much fell flat for me.

I love this series for Frank and Sarah. I do enjoy the secondary characters but it isn’t why I read the series. Frank and Sarah were mostly absent from this book which made it much less enjoyable of a read for me.

Una was unlikable and there just weren’t very many sympathetic characters in the story.

I love this series but this book wasn’t very exciting.


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Book Review: Murder on Amsterdam Avenue



Summary: Sarah and Frank are preparing for their wedding but as usual death has other ideas.

Frank is asked to discreetly investigate the death of a man who appeared to have died after a long illness but instead may have been poisoned.

My rating: 3/5

This is the first case with Malloy off of the police force so the dynamics of the story changed some. It wasn’t bad but certainly different than before.

There was a bit of a gap between the events in this book and in the last that threw me for a bit of a loop. I really think there could have been another book in between this one and the last. Gino left for the army and returned. I have no memory of that even being mentioned up until this book. Also, Malloy moved into a house.

This novel was one of change for the characters and as a reader I did have a bit of trouble adjusting to all of those changes.

The mystery was a good one and kept me guessing until the end.

This book is good but not the best in the series.

I love this series and would recommend it to any fan of historical fiction and mystery

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Book Review: Murder in Murray Hill



Frank is busy adjusting to his new life as a man of means when a father shows up on his doorstep begging him to locate his missing daughter.


My Rating:


It was hard to follow up Murder in Chelsea but this one did a decent job of it.

I loved all the character and story development that took place in this book. There were times in this series that it seemed the character arcs were basically creeping along. This sped things up for sure.

I really enjoyed the mystery and didn’t know who the killer was until the end. The other thing I really liked was that the book covered topics relevant today. The mystery could have been taken out of the ten o’clock news but of course with historical twists.

This series is great to read and I love where things are going.

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Book Review: Murder in Chelsea


Summary: Inquiries into Sarah Brandt’s adopted daughter lead to the discovery of a murder. Sarah and Frank must solve the case to protect the little girl they both love.

My Rating:


This was the best one yet of the series but absolutely do not start on this book if you are new to the series. Everything that takes place in this book is the result of a whole lot of build up and without that build up this book wouldn’t be a very interesting read.

This book finished up a story line I had been waiting for and it did it well.

The mystery was just okay. I knew who the killer was fairly early on but that happens a lot in this series especially because I have been pretty much reading them back to back. Might be different if I was reading books a year apart but I just discovered this series in 2015 and have been binge reading them. Yes, they are totally binge readable books. Can’t tell you how much I love this series.

Despite the binge reading I was completely floored by the story ending. Would not have guessed what happened in a million years.

This book was just so amazing. I really can’t say enough good about it.

If you love mysteries try this series (but do NOT start with this book. Read book 1).

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Book Review: Paw and Order


Summary: Now that Brigit and Megan have had some time to get used to each other they can work together to catch a thief.



I was really disappointed in this book. I have read two other books in the series and really liked them. This one I didn’t like and if it was my intro to the series I would not have kept reading. Fortunately, I know that the other books are better so I will continue and hope there are no others like this.

Megan is a real jerk in this book. She was very unlikable. In other books she is flawed but endearing. In this one she is just annoying.

The crime in this book really annoyed me because it was fairly insignificant. Book 1 had them investigating a bombing. Now, Brigit and Megan are looking for a purse thief. It just wasn’t significant enough that I could care much about the crimes taking place. Sure, thieving is wrong. But, honestly, not interesting enough for me to worry much about whether thief was caught.

This book also has a love triangle I didn’t like at all. I read later books so I knew how it turned out and that may have tainted my views on it but overall I thought it was poorly done and everyone in the love triangle looked like a jerk.

I also was sad Brigit played such a small role in this book.

I do kind of understand what the author was trying to do with this story I just didn’t care for it.

I liked the other books in this series better so if this is your first one give another a try before giving up on it.



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