Gone With The Wind



Disclaimer: I read an unabridged audio book of this.

Brief Synopsis: Scarlet is the daughter od a wealthy plantation owner and is accustomed to being sought after by men. She sets her eyes on Ashley Wilkes and is devastated to find that he is engaged to marry Melanie Hamilton. She marries Melanie’s brother Charles out of spite. Shortly afterwards, the civil war breaks out.

The story follows Scarlet as she matures, pursues Ashley, and is pursued by Rhett Butler.


My Rating: 4 of 5. I really loved this book and believe that most people should read it as it is a Classic. It is very lengthy and there were a few things I didn’t care for (see below).


What I loved: Scarlet is an interesting though not very likable at times character. She is very complex and overall sympathetic. This book also had a lot of historic insights particularly in the relationship between master and slave that I think northerners like myself are not taught about in school. 

What I didn’t like: Near the end of the book there are certain things that don’t seem to have been explained. I actually had to stop my audio book and check to see if I had missed a track at one point. Most notably something happens during a surprise birthday party for Ashley that makes Ashley’s sister India accuse Scarlet and Ashley of improper behavior but I couldn’t find a detailed description of the event. Also, there are allusions to Rhett having had or cared about a little boy. It is also revealed that Rhett’s mistress has a little boy who lives at home. But, there is never any (that I saw) actual explicit explanation to this. 

Overall though I did enjoy this book and would recommend it.


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