Review Of Fellowship of the Rings



Summary – Most of you have, at least, a basic idea of this book’s plot. Frodo, the Hobbit, inherits a ring from his uncle. The ring turns out to be the Ring of Power with the potential to destroy the world. Frodo is given the task to take the ring and destroy it. This is not a simple task. It has to be thrown into the lava of the mountain from which it was made. Frodo is assigned several others to help him on his task. Lord of The Rings is broken into 3 books. Fellowship of the Rings is the first.

My rating- B. This book is a classic and I think everyone should read it at least once.

What I liked- This book has a very cool story. Tolkien was a very imaginative writer. The characters are lovable and interesting. Especially the Hobbits.

What I didn’t like- I tried to read this book several years ago and couldn’t get through it. I ended up listening to it on audio book this time and that is the only reason I was able to get through it. The main story line is interesting but there are so many detours in the book. I found it especially irritating when the main plot was interrupted by characters breaking into song. That happened a lot. I didn’t find the songs particularly important to the story and I could have done just fine without them.


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