Review Of Crown Jewel



Summary- Ricky’s brother, Philip, dies suddenly, leaving behind half a dozen mysteries. Why did Philip leave his wealth to his brother instead of his wife and step daughter? What did Philip do all day. What is in his locked study? And that is just the beginning.

My rating- C- This book had a good idea and some great places bit overall was not a very good book in my opinion. It is my first time reading Fern Michaels and if a friend had not recommended her I probably would never try another one of her books.

What I liked- There were a few fun and memorable characters, particularly the journalist Grace. There were also some humorous scenes that I appreciated. The plot was interesting and the mystery had the potential to be a good one. Just one small spoiler here: Ricky finds out Philip is adopted and sets off to find Philip’s bio parents. It turns out his parents are two of the most powerful/influential people in the country.

What I didn’t like- This book had a slow start. There were many places in the book that dragged. I felt like it was a roller coaster ride. There would be a while where I would be very bored and then ten things would happen all at once. Then bored again. This book also lasted much longer then it needed to. I felt like the author extended the ending unnecessarily and that the book could have been at least a chapter shorter and still felt finished.

Some of the characters were not very well developed in the book. And, there are several romances in the book that I didn’t feel were very developed either. For instance, near the beginning of the book we find out Ricky has always had a thing for his brother’s widow, Roxy. There is a scene where he invites her to run his business and they have a small confrontation. This scene had potential. It got me interested in their budding romance. And then, there was a six months time skip and suddenly Ricky and Roxy are a thing and that is pretty much that. 

As a reader I felt let down. As a writer, my opinion is that this story had a lot of potential but should have been told differently.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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