Review Of Love For Sale: A World History of Prostitution


Summary- The title pretty much says it all.

My rating- C

What I liked- This non fiction book followed a logical sequence and was filled with interesting facts. I especially liked the chapter about Mary Magdalene.

What I didn’t like- About halfway through the book i got bored. There was a lot of information to swallow and I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. 


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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3 Responses to Review Of Love For Sale: A World History of Prostitution

  1. Editor says:

    Not a very informative review of the book. A lot of information to swallow, that would be a good selling point to me. What ages does the book cover, what are its views on modern day sex work. Is it written from sex work is evil attitude, or a libertarian view.

    • The book really skips around time wise. It touches on Greek and Roman prostitution as well as modern prostitution. The author was not negative about the topic. I would say he tried to remain neutral. He was careful to point out that the life of a prostitute was vastly different based on his/her class and those he/she serviced. Cheap prostitutes who serviced the poor lived short lives and were often treated poorly. A woman who worked in a luxury whorehouse or who was self employed and serviced only the upper crust of society tended to be in better health and have overall better existences. Male prostitutes, particularly transvestites, tended to make good money and live in luxury.
      I don’t mind there being a lot of information but it wasn’t presented in a way that was fun to read so it was more like swallowing the information than like absorbing it through an interesting story. Because of the way the information was presented I will be unlikely to retain much of it. I suppose I would have done better to describe it as information overload.
      I am actually studying the history of love, sex, marriage, and prostitution right now so I will have reviews on more books like this coming in the near future.

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