Review of How I Write by Janet Evanovich



Summary- This is a non-fiction book. Janet Evanovich, bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum book series, answers questions posed by her readers. This book is in Q & A format.

My rating- C

What I liked- Being a writer can be tough. It can be lonely. And, because we don’t come to an office everyday to chat with others in our profession it can be easy to wonder if you are normal. Some of Evanovich’s answers were very uplifting. I loved her confession that she always wonders if her last book was the last good book she was ever going to write. I also love that she doesn’t love her rough drafts. I always worry that my book is going to be crap and I hate my rough drafts.

I loved how she quoted from the Stephanie Plum series to give examples of how she uses setting, characterization, and plot. I am currently reading the series and so I could really see her examples in action. How I Write has quotes through book 12. I just finished reading 6. I know that the quotes from books I had already read made the lessons she was trying to teach more real to me.

What I didn’t like- i wasn’t thrilled about some of the questions asked. Quite a few times it seemed like she was being asked the same thing and answering the same way. I also would have liked to learn more about her early career. She was a stay at home mommy who decided to write. But, I would have liked to hear more about her early struggles and self doubts. Also, more in depth information on her writing techniques would have been nice. I felt like she only skimmed the surface.


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