Review of A Bride Unveiled by Jillian Hunter

A Bride Unveiled is book 2 of the Bridal Pleasure series by Jillian Hunter.
Kit is a workhouse boy. Violet is a lonely orphan being raised by her aunt. The two children, naturally, become best friend. Then, Kit is sold.
Fast forward many years and Violet is engaged to be married to Godfrey, a merchant. Godfrey is learning to swordfight. It turns out Kit is his teacher.
Kit and Violet are reunited and Kit convinces her to marry him instead of Godfrey. Kit and Violet then live happily ever after.
This story really disappointed me. I had loved book 1 of the Bridal Pleasure series; A Duke’s Temptation. Unveiled just couldn’t compare.
The book started with Kit and Violet as children. I understand why the back story was necessary but it made the whole thing seem like forever to get started.
I liked Kit. Swordsmen are automatically sexy. Kit was also a likable character. He overcame obstacles and came out on top. Then, he fought to get the girl of his dreams.
I felt lukewarm about Violet. She was so worried about what her aunt would say about her ditching Godfrey. Violet came off as a rather weak character overall. Not a woman I would want to trade places with.
The childhood friendship that blooms into romance is a plot with so much potential. I think Hunter really underdid it in this book.
And, this book was just not very sexy. I like a romance novel that makes me want to put on some lingerie and try to peel my boyfriend away from his computer games. My boyfriend was safe after this read. And I felt somewhat let down.Image


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