Review of A Lady Most Likely



Summary- Hugh asks his sister to find him a wife. She throws a house party and among the guests are Gwen and Kate. She thinks either of them would be a fine match for her brother. Too bad other men scoop them up before he has more then a conversation with either.

My rating- C

This book was weird to read. It was actually 3 love stories. It wasn’t a bad idea but I didn’t feel as if adequate attention was paid to any of the stories. Gwen’s romance is the first story and of the three (Gwen, Kate, and Hugh) it was given the least attention. Her romance was very rushed. The man she becomes engaged to is someone she doesn’t really know well. It is a man who is at the party as an escort to his sister who views herself as one of Gwen’s rivals. 

Kate and Hugh both have a history with their new mate so I could believe their romances a bit more easily. 

Kate’s story was told in partial flash back. I didn’t like that because it was the only one. It felt out of place. Hugh talks about his past but Kate’s is presented as if it was happening.

I also was not nuts about the narration. The narrator was one of those all knowing people who tells you things like “years later when she saw her son she knew she had seen him before but couldn’t remember her dream on the night he was conceived”.  I don’t care for all knowing narrators.

The book has three authors and in some places it feels very disjointed. 

I know I have lodged several complaints here. Overall, it was worth reading once. The characters were well developed and the story was told with humor. 




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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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