Review of The Two Towers (LOTR book 2)



Summary- Part two of the Lord of the Rings books. The Fellowship has split into 3 parties. This book follows their adventures.

My rating- C -this book is a classic and so I think it was worth reading. Once. I couldn’t do it again.

My first comment about this book is that it is LONG. Much longer then was strictly necessary for sure.

I did feel that this book was an improvement over Fellowship in regards to the needless songs that I found distracting. There are much fewer songs in Two Towers (or maybe they just seemed less invasive).

This book developed most of the characters further and I did enjoy that. I think Sam is my favorite character. We should all have a friend as devoted as Sam is to Frodo. 

One of the things I had a hard time with was that the story wasn’t told in chronological order. For instance, you had group #1 (Ranger, Elf, Dwarf) tracking group #2 (Pippin and Merry). After what seems like forever of group #1 and their adventure the book switches to group #2 realizing they have been abducted. Because the story was told outside of chronology there is quite a bit of repetitiveness. 

I also get very distracted by places and people having multiple names in the book. I also find unnecessary lessons in middle earth history tedious. I want to know what I need to appreciate the story. A few added details is fine. This book was too much. 

This book is a classic. The story is good and the characters are imaginative. I don’t like Tolkien stylistically. That is just my preference. I do think this book is worth reading once.


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