Review of Then Comes Seduction




Summary- Jasper has never lost a bet. Never. He has raced horses and bedded actresses on bets. There didn’t seem much else that a rake like him could do. Then, on his 25 birthday, he drunkenly bets that he can seduce and ruin an innocent woman. 

Kate is new to the aristocracy. Her brother has just inherited a title. She is innocent and longs to find love. She finds Jasper irresistible. At the last moment, Jasper’s conscience gets the better of him and he tells Kate about the bet. He decides to forfeit the bet and they go on their merry ways.

Three years later Jasper is fighting to keep guardianship of his half sister. Their cousin wants to marry her and inherit her fortune. He will stop at nothing. Not even at revealing the bet Jasper made to the world. Jasper can’t be part of a scandal. So, he and Kate agree to marry. And then, the true seduction begins.

My rating- A

Balogh did not disappoint. I will continue to devour her books. My greatest sadness being that there are not enough of them.

This book was very sensual. So sensual in fact that after the scene where Jasper almost seduces Kate I was inspired to attempt my own seduction of my boyfriend. My seduction didn’t work alas. 

The love scenes were imaginative. Jasper and Kate did not need a bed or proper room. And there is something sensual about outdoor lovemaking. Very hot!

Jasper was a well thought out character with a deep history and multiple dimensions. For instance, he doesn’t believe in love. Doesn’t think it exists. At all. But, he is willing to marry Kate to protect his half sister. Even though he can’t love even a sister because love isn’t real.

Kate is a complex character. She annoyed me a bit because she wanted Jasper to love her but in her own limited definition of love. It is apparent to the reader that they love each other much before either is willing to admit.

Kate and Jasper are both witty and sarcastic. Their exchanges were passionate and funny all at once. Plenty of double meanings. I really enjoyed that.

I also enjoyed the scenery of the story. I have to admit I don’t usually like much description. I find it tedious to read long passages about gardens, furnishings, etc.In this case I was really struck by how the scenery details were weaved into the character development of the story. Kate moves to Jasper’s estate and learns to feel  “home”. 

I don’t know why we women long for “home” so much. But I sure do. In the last 12 years I have moved 11 times. I want very badly to find “home”. I like where I live now and since we have a mortgage I imagine we will be there a very long time. I am hoping that the feeling of “home” comes in time.

I can’t wait to read the next book!




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