Review of “The Proposal”





Hugo needs a simple country wife. He is wealthy and titled it is true but only because of his military service. He is just a simple man who needs to produce an heir and introduce his sister into society. 

Gwen is the last woman on earth he should marry. She is a widow who he considers “spoiled and frivolous”. Above all else she may not even be able to have children. So, why can’t Hugo get her out of his thoughts. And how will he woo her anyways. He certainly doesn’t have the manners that the men who usually pay her court have. He is just a simple soldier.

My rating- B

This is the first book by Balogh that I didn’t LOVE. I liked it. But I didn’t LOVE it.

Gwen and Hugo were characters I just couldn’t relate to very well. They seemed to spend a lot of time talking in circles and I found much of the book very repetitive. 

I also felt this book was longer than it needed to be. It seemed to take forever to start. There were also several secondary characters that I felt could have been non-existant and the book would have been better for it.

Gwen’s husband seems to have suffered from bipolar disorder and that caused his death. It was a well done plot point and I did enjoy that. I also enjoyed Hugo’s awkwardness. 

In real life I do not think Gwen and Hugo could have gotten together. I thought there were several coincidences that were just a bit too far fetched to make the plot believable.

This was not Balogh’s best work but even a bad Balogh is worth reading once I think and this one is no exception.

If I had read this book first I would probably have picked up another Balogh if it happened to be on a bookshelf at my library. But, I wouldn’t have gone out of my way in search of it. I am very glad it was not the first one I read because I have since gotten on my library website and reserved every Balogh book they have. Once I exhaust their supply I intend to shop Barnes and Noble with zeal. 



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