Review of “No Wonder My Parents Drank”



Summary- A funny look at parenting.

My rating B

This was a really enjoyable book. A hilarious read if you have kids. I could totally identify with most of the situations the author presented (I wasn’t nuts about his insistence that circumcision is a must but I can forgive him that).

“No Wonder My Parents Drank” is full of stories about Mohr, his son, and his wife. The book follows his son from birth to approximately age 8. 

I had never listened to Mohr as a comedian before but once I had finished with this book I watched a few of his stand up routines. He is very funny but occasionally a bit raunchy.

The main thing that kept this boon from being an A on my list was that the author either assumed the readers knew about his personal history or he wanted to keep it private. I don’t fault the guy for that but there were a few details of his life that would help me understand his situation and give him more credibility. From details in the book I understand that the woman he is raising his son with is a step parent. He doesn’t mention how this all came about. He did mention that he did fertility treatments to get his son. In a 2003 comedy he says he has a 10 month old and that he is married. From context clues in the book I am fairly sure he was not then married to Nik (current wife) but to his son’s mom. 

I don’t want to nor need to know the details of his failed relationship. But, it would have been nice for him to say something like my kids bio mom and I got divorced when he was (insert age). 

Also, there isn’t really any indication of the custody arrangements. It is presumable from the book that Mohr has primary custody of his son but it never really says. And that does change how a parents perspective is. At least some. It is much different to be a parent 3 days a week than 5. It is also a different story to just have your kid during the summer. I am not saying those dads are any less than the 24/7 variety. I am just saying that the perspective would be different. And I would have liked to know for the sake of better understanding the book.

I also thought it was very odd that in his for instance examples in the book he more often than not used a daughter example but only has a son. I won’t say it was exactly off putting but very weird.

Overall, this book is good for quite a few laughs. 


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