Update: Beginning to Query!

I self published my first novel in February. I hope to self publish another by the end of this year. However, I have some works I think would be best suited to publish through traditional channels. Particularly, the children’s picture books I have written. 

I have 10 complete children’s books. And by the end of August I hope to also have a completed romance novel that will be ready for the world. 

The children’s books I especially would like to publish traditionally because I don’t know any illustrators who would be interested in a joint project and I personally cannot draw beyond a grade school level.

I have sent out 3 queries so far. I am hoping to send out many more but researching agents takes time. Time I rarely have. 

The books I am currently querying are :

The Honey Monster- Icabod is a bear who loves honey. When a honey monster shows up and threatens his bee friends Icabod teaches the monster how to trade his skills for the honey he loves.

John the Sasquatch series (I may change this to Billy the Big Foot. Sasquatch is such a big word in a children’s book. What do you think?)- John is a sasquatch who works for the PFBI (paranormal division of the FBI). When earth is attacked by space clown or zombie rats, John and his sidekicks (a flying monkey and a normal dog) are called in to save the day.

Emma the Lamb- Emma is not the same color as the other lambs and they tease her. Emma runs away. She meets a girl who wants to use her wool to make a sweater for her 4- H project. The sweater wins first place and gives Emma a dose of self worth.

Angel Saves the Day- Angel is a homeless dog who helps to search and rescue a missing little girl. She is then adopted by a police officer and given the family she needs as well as using her skills to save children.

Two Weddings and a Baby (this is the romance novel that will be done in August)- Cadence is pregnant and westward bound. Her husband dies on the trail and she decides she can’t continue. She asks the leader of the wagon train to ask around town to see if any man needs a wife. Angel Louis does. He just doesn’t know it. He lost his leg years ago in an accident and doesn’t think he is a proper husband for any woman. The town’s Reverend convinces him to marry Cadence to help her. After all, she is pregnant, alone, and without the means to care for herself (her husband had gambled away their oxen and wagon). Shortly after their marriage Cadence loses her baby. Angel and Cadence have to decide whether they will stay together or if they will annul the marriage as they have not consummated it. If they do decide to stay together then Cadence will have to convince Angel to take her to his bed and give her another baby. This book also has a secondary love story between the character Johnny and Suzanne.  Suzanne was Cadence’s friend on the Westward trail. She is a mail order bride heading west to marry Johnny. 

If anyone has any suggestions of Agents who might be interested please share. 

Since I have decided to pursue my children’s picture book career I will begin to occasionally review children’s picture books on here as well as the mostly adult books I currently do. It is something I had thought about but not started. I think though that it would be a nice addition. 



About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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2 Responses to Update: Beginning to Query!

  1. mblesy says:

    Best wishes! I am querying away, too. There are some nice sites with picture book authors who have sold a lot of books. Just google it. Sorry, don’t have it off-hand. The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market is a great book resource, too.

    • I do love the Writer’s Market books. I have been using them at our library. They are in the reference section so I don’t get to take it home. It is very helpful but almost all the publishers who take picture books only accept agented writers.

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