Review of “Simply Perfect”



Summary- Claudia Martin is the Headmistress of Miss Martin’s School for Girls. She is taking a trip to look into the job situation for two of her students when she meets Joseph, Marquess of Attingsborough who is a friend of a friend. He is interested in the school because he has an illegitimate daughter who he wishes to find a place for.

Claudia and Joseph aren’t looking for love. But the love of a little blind girl may be just enough to bring them together.

My rating B

I love Balogh. This wasn’t her best but it was very good anyways. 

The beginning of the book was fairly slow. This is book 4 in a series and I have only read one other book from the series. The author had a lot of information she needed to give out to people like me who didn’t know who all these silly people were who had just shown up in the book. So I didn’t feel like the story really got started until disc 3 of the audio book version. But, once it had started I was very into it.

I really liked that Joseph had an illegitimate child. Many of Balogh’s heroes are mildly flawed but they haven’t made true mistakes. I know in another of her books (can’t remember which now)  she had a character who appeared to have an illegitimate child but the child was actually not his. He had adopted the child. 

Joseph’s illegitimate daughter gave his character real depth. He wasn’t a character I think I could have been crazy about except that his love for his child made the story for me.

I was somewhat lukewarm about Claudia as a character. I admired her as an educator but as a woman she was abrasive. I also didn’t like her being so judgmental even though that changes by the end of the book

This book was a nice love story and it was a fun read. It will not stand out though as one of the best Balogh books I have read. I am reading her stuff pretty fervently at the moment. I am pleased to say that even her worst books haven’t real been bad and I think that says something immensely positive about the author.

One thing I did note about the Balogh universe though that is getting a bit annoying is that the men in that universe are INCREDIBLY reproductive. If we all lived in the Balogh universe there would be no need for fertility treatments. I am getting a little tired of couples having sex once or twice and the girl ending up pregnant. Especially when she is over 30. 


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