To sign or not to sign?

How do you feel about giving away a book that is signed with a personal message especially for you? Probably pretty crappy. Sigh.

So, here is my problem. I won a Goodreads giveaway. I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to get the book in the mail. It finally came and I opened the book. The first page had a personal message to me addressing me by name. The author said she hoped I would enjoy the book and she signed it.

I was very touched. The personal nature of this will make me a fan for life assuming the book was any good (I haven’t started it yet). But, now I am not sure what to do with the book when I am finished with it.

I have 3 bookshelves and a boyfriend who doesn’t like clutter. Once the bookshelves get full (and they are always full) I have to start getting rid of books. This is a good thing. I have a friend who loves books as much as I do. She reads them and then gives them to her mother who is also an avid reader. The mother belongs to a group who trades books at her hair salon. So that means that if I get a book and am able to pass it on as I usually do that it will go through at least 4 readers. That is four potential new fans for the author. A great thing. 

But, now I have a signed book. I would feel very bad about passing it on. I would feel like I have personally insulted the author. The only other option is to leave the book on my shelf after reading and allow it to gather dust and take up space that could be given to books I haven’t read yet.

Any ideas?

Also, do you prefer to get books that are personalized if you win them from a giveaway? I imagine that in a year or two I will be giving away books on there and am just wondering what people prefer.

Please comment!



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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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4 Responses to To sign or not to sign?

  1. nicolanoo says:

    I hate parting with books, it makes me so sad but it has to be done sometimes with the amount I own. As for me, I’d keep the signed one. There are some books I have that i’ll never give away for personal reasons and I think I’d keep a signed one. I know i always feel bad if I pick up a signed book in a chairty sjop or whatever because it never feels like mine and then I enjoy the book less (I have issues, I know). You could still loan it out to people, but ask fr it back afterwards.

    • Loaning them out is not a bad idea. I will see if the people I usually share books with would be open to that. And if it isn’t on my bookshelves because someone else is reading it then I suppose my bf can’t complain. =-)

  2. jennphelps1 says:

    I think that a personalized book is an exception to the rule. while it would be fine to lend it, the book should stay on your bookshelf as a memento. There are books on my shelf that i have read well over twenty times and I never get tired of them. Perhaps this book will become a treasure tome.

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