Book Review- “Guardians at the Gate”



Summary (Copied from Goodreads)-Margaret C. Carbuncle is the principal at Amethyst Elementary. She has an insatiable appetite for power and soon becomes a tyrant; she also develops a desire for prestige and glory, and she knows the only way to attain this is through high test scores for her elementary school. Therefore, she drives her Teachers into a frenzy as she demands that they instruct only those subjects that will be included on the all-important, all-consuming state…

My rating- DNF

I got this book from a Goodreads giveaway. I was so excited when it arrived. The premise was interesting to me. I was home schooled through half of grade school and all of junior high because my parents had concerns about the local schools education system. They worried that the school was primarily worried about test scores and not about learning.

So, I really wanted to like this book and I already knew I overall agreed with the message.

Sadly, this book was not a read I could enjoy and I quit reading at page 17. 

Firstly, the beginning of the book was just information dumping. We learn that Mrs. Carbuncle is the most evil woman in the world. She hates men but has been married 3 times. She loves power and doesn’t care about the children she teaches as long as they get the desired test scores. As far as I can tell she has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. She is not at all a likable person yet she is the only character introduced before page 12.

When new characters show up they are terrified of Mrs. Carbuncle but don’t have much else going on to make them interesting.

By the end of page 17 there was not a single character I could care about. 



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