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Summary- (copied from Goodreads) On a splendid August afternoon Susanna Osbourne is introduced to the most handsome man she has ever seen . . . and instantly feels the icy chill of recognition. Peter Edgeworth, Viscount Whitleaf, is utterly charming—and seemingly unaware that they have met before. With his knowing smile and seductive gaze, Peter acts the rake; but he stirs something in Susanna she has never felt before, a yearning that both frightens and dazzles her. Instantly she knows: this brash nobleman poses a threat to her heart . . . and to the secrets she guards so desperately.

From the moment they meet, Peter is drawn to Susanna’s independence, dazzled by her sharp wit—he simply must have her. But the more he pursues, the more Susanna withdraws . . . until a sensual game of thrust-and-parry culminates in a glorious afternoon of passion. Now more determined than ever to keep her by his side, Peter begins to suspect that a tragic history still haunts Susanna. And as he moves closer to the truth, Peter is certain of one thing: he will defy the mysteries of her past for a future with this exquisite creature—all Susanna must do is trust him with the most precious secret of all. . 

My rating- C

I like Balogh’s books. I like this series. This book just didn’t do it for me. 

I liked Peter. He was interesting and deep. I liked Susanna less but she was an alright character. The story was alright too. Susanna and Peter have a child hood connection. It is painful to her and not fully understood by him. The truth is revealed. Things are not what Susanna thinks they were. She learns the whole truth. And she and Peter live happily ever after. 

At least Peter didn’t get her pregnant (a common plot device used by Balogh). I was worried for a little bit that he was going to and in this case it would have ruined the story. 

The romance was nice. There were even some funny parts of the book. I enjoyed the picnic where Susanna went rowing. I just didn’t like this plot as much as other Balogh plots.

Also, I think I might need to take a Balogh break. Her books can get repetitive if read in mass quantities.

Overall this book was ok. I won’t ever read it again.But I don’t feel I wasted my time either.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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2 Responses to Review of Simply Magic

  1. jascribbles says:

    I frequently need to take an author break. Nice review!


    • I don’t think I have read so many books by a single author in such a short period of time. This is the first time I can honestly say I have needed a break from an author. But, hopefully it will make the next of her books that I read really good.

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