Can you offer feedback on my revised synopsis?

I am going to be querying for my new book “Two Weddings and a baby” beginning next month. I have never written a synopsis before and I was hoping people might be willing to read it and see what they think. I have been reading up on how to write one but am not sure how mine is.

Also, does anyone know if an author should add their marketing plans in a query letter or at the end of the synopsis? I have heard both ways but wasn’t sure what is most usual.

Synopsis of “Two weddings and a baby”:

Pregnant and widowed, Cadence decides to marry Angel Louis rather then continue west alone. Angel takes Cadence in because she is desperately in need of his help but he knows they can never have a real marriage. A beautiful woman like her could never love a one legged cripple like him.

“Two Weddings and A Baby” is a historical romance set in the American Midwest during the 1840s. It follows the romances of Angel and Cadence Louis as well as Johnny and Suzanne Blackstone.
Suzanne and Cadence meet on the wagon train west. Suzanne is a mail order bride heading west to meet her intended Johnny. Cadence is pregnant and traveling with her husband Wilbur who has gambled away his inheritance and is hoping to reinvent himself in the west.
Outside the town of Mapleton Wilbur dies. Cadence decides that she doesn’t want to continue west alone. She asks the leader of the wagon train to find her a suitable husband among the bachelors of Mapleton.
Angel Louis hasn’t thought about marriage since an accident took his leg. But he can’t turn his back on Cadence and her fatherless child.
He agrees to marry her and be a father to his child with the stipulation that they will maintain separate rooms and beds.
Cadence is surprised that Angel’s home is full of furniture with carved flowers. She intuits that the furniture is hand carved items Angel made for a woman. Cadence believes Angel must be a widower which is why he refuses to take her to his bed. Her marriage to Wilbur was not a love match but she is convinced that the woman who Angel made the furniture for was someone he loved deeply.
Before Cadence can get properly settled into her new home she goes into premature labor and loses the child she married to protect.
As she recovers Angel cares for her and gives her comfort. She decides to make a life for herself with him instead of annulling the marriage as he offers.
She puts her energies into making his house a home and she acquires chicken and a goat to earn her keep and to focus her nurturing energies.
She begins to unravel Angel’s past and finds that he had been engaged to a woman named Emily who later moved south and married someone else.
There is a rumor that Emily is coming back to town as the new schoolteacher. Before Cadence can investigate the situation further her cousin shows up to offer to take her back east. She refuses and he leaves her money in case she changes her mind. Shortly after, Emily shows up to try and rekindle the flame with Angel. He rejects her advances but not before Cadence witnesses Emily steal a kiss.
Angel apologizes to Cadence and asks what he can do to prove his devotion to their marriage. She tells him she wants him to give her a child.
He believes Cadence will be repulsed by him because of his amputation. He also believes that she only wants to sleep with him to become pregnant and after achieving pregnancy she will end their physical relationship. He finds her so beautiful that he doesn’t think he can live with having her then having to abstain from her.
They consummate the marriage and it is as wonderful as he believes it will be and she is receptive to him and equally attracted in turn. She assures him that she has no intention of ending their lovemaking.
They begin planning their life and future together including an expansion of Angel’s business. Angel decides that he needs to get rid of all the furniture he made for Emily and to make new items especially fashioned with Cadence in mind.
As they are working towards those goals Johnny and Suzanne show up on their doorstep desperate for help.
After leaving Mapleton Suzanne continues west until she reaches Jaqualbal Mountaintown. Johnny Blackstone is a giant of a man who doesn’t seem to know what to do with her. They immediately marry as agreed upon. Then, they go to the local inn for the night as his home is too far away to walk after such a long day.
As they prepare to consummate the marriage Suzanne tells Johnny she is a virgin and to be gentle. Johnny leaves the room in a fit of rage.
Suzanne’s letters had said she was a widow. Johnny had wanted an experienced woman as he is fairly inexperienced himself. Additionally, he is afraid of hurting her due to his size.
He hadn’t really wanted a wife to begin with but he needed someone to help him care for his blind father.
Johnny decides that he will take Suzanne home and they will make their marriage work by ignoring each other. She can be a companion to his father. They will just stay out of each other’s way.
Johnny takes Suzanne home and for a while succeeds in ignoring her much to his father’s dismay. Then, Gabrielle arrives on his doorstep with a baby she needs to rid herself of. Gabrielle is a prostitute who had been Johnny’s friend for many years. He had proposed to her and when she refused had hired a service to find a bride.
Gabrielle is on the run from her abusive boyfriend Alonzo. She has decided she will go north to Canada but she can’t take her son with her due to the harsh climate. She trusts Johnny and has heard good things of Suzanne.
Johnny doesn’t want to take the child. Suzanne insists that if he is not going to lay with her and give her a baby he will let her keep the one Gabrielle is offering.
Suzanne throws herself into mothering the baby they name Richard. As time passes Johnny starts to enjoy the child as well and become active in his upbringing.
Suzanne and Johnny start to form a relationship as they care for Richard.
Johnny finally explains to Suzanne that he doesn’t want to sleep with her because he is inexperienced and her arrival as a virgin intimidated him.
Suzanne explains that she had been married but she had been young and her husband was gay. Her husband had probably planned on laying with her to produce an heir but hadn’t managed it before his death.
Suzanne and Johnny agree to learn together and have a fumbling but satisfying first encounter together.
Shortly afterwards, a drunk Alonzo finds them and tries to take Richard. Alonzo kills Johnny’s father. Suzanne, Johnny, and Richard flee. At Suzanne’s request they make their way to Mapleton to ask Angel and Cadence for shelter until they can figure out what to do.
Angel offers Johnny a job. Cadence gives Suzanne and Johnny the money her cousin gave her for returning east.
Johnny and Suzanne get settled in a new home in Mapleton.
Angel gives Cadence the new furniture he has made for her. Cadence tells him that she is going to have his baby.
Both couples live happily ever after.



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