Review of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm




Summary- Rebecca is sent to live with her two maiden aunts after her father dies and leaves the family in poverty.

My rating- C

I was so excited to see this book at the library because I saw the Shirley Temple movie as a child. 

The book was not as much like the movie as I had hoped. It was certainly not quite what I was expecting.

The book is very similar to Anne of Green Gables and Pollyanna. A girl with spunk enters the lives of people who desperately need it. 

I really enjoyed the beginning of Rebecca and I enjoyed her as a character. Rebecca and the secondary characters were very well developed and I could imagine them in my mind. I also loved all of the trouble Rebecca got into because she was an imaginative child. 

I loved the scene where she invited the missionaries to stay at the brick house. You can’t help feeling sympathetic for her as she struggles to be the best little girl she can be without all the information and common sense an adult would have.

The last quarter of the novel bothered me. I didn’t care for it once Rebecca went to the further away school and interacted less with her aunts and home town.

I wasn’t quite sure about “Mr. Aladdin.” His interest in Rebecca was just a step away from creepy to me by the time she is sixteen and seventeen. I was never really sure whether he was meant to be romantically interested in her and waiting for her to grow up or if he really just saw her as an extraordinary child whose strengths should be nurtured. 

I also did not feel quite right about the ending of the book. It didn’t feel like a real ending. I felt like it ended somewhat abruptly. Aunt Miranda dies and the financial problems plaguing Rebecca’s family are resolved. 

Like many books from the time period I also was a little thrown by the language used as well as certain cultural aspects of the story. 

I think it is a good read but one that would be hard for the average child to get into. They might be better off with an abridged version.


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