Review of The Invisible Sex



Summary- This book looks at gender roles throughout prehistory.

My rating- C

This book was a little too in depth for casual reading. I like non fiction and I found the subject matter to be very interesting but I had trouble getting into the book. There was just too much information that didn’t seem important.

Basically, the whole point of the book was to say that nothing can be said for certain about gender roles in prehistory because of a lack of clear evidence.

Remains of prehistoric bodies are often not able to be positively identified as male or female. 

Weapons and tools which are assumed to be used almost exclusively by men stand the test of time better than fabrics which are assumed to be women’s domain. Items being used by a particular gender can not even be certain. The gender roles are assumed based on current culture.

When archaeology first became a thing it was men who dominated the field and according to the book put a male slant on history. The increase of women in the field is just now opening the way for questioning of the gender based assumptions and male bias of old.


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