Review of The Edge of Desire



Summary-Letitia’s husband has been murdered and her brother is being blamed. She seeks out the help of Christian to solve the murder. Christian and Letitia had nearly married years ago. As they work together to solve the murder they rekindle the flame.

My rating- B

This book was very fun. It combined mystery and romance in a historical setting. I love the old fashioned mystery stories where the detective has to use logic and context clues instead of just calling in the CSI team and getting a DNA match. This was a very well done mystery. I was surprised by the murderer but satisfied. And there was plenty of suspense. 

I really liked the characters. Christian and Letitia were fully developed and a lot of fun to follow.

I do have two complaints about the book. Just two. And they are small. 

The Edge of Desire is book 7 in a series. I have never read another. The author more or less assumed that the reader had read the previous books. There were many times in the book where I was confused and a sentence or two that relayed information from the previous books would have been enough to catch me up I think. 

My only other complaint is that this book had a lot of sex. It was tasteful sex. But I didn’t think it really moved the plot forward. I love romance novels and I like to read sex scenes that are important to the story. I felt like this book could have cut the love scenes in half and still been fine. There were many times I wanted the next piece of the mystery but Letitia and Christian decided to take a bedroom detour. It could have added suspense if the scenes had seemed necessary. But I found them a bit annoying.

I did think the book was great and I do plan to read more by the author. 



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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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