Review of Seven Up



Summary- Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter extraordinaire, is at it again. The FTA (failure to appear) on her list is an elderly man with failing sight and an inability to maintain an erection (according to Stephanie’s grandma). It should be easy. But people start disappearing and Stephanie has to figure out how to rescue the people she cares about.

My rating- C

I really like the Stephanie Plum series but I end up bored with them. This book was fine but it wasn’t anything extra special. It was Stephanie Plum. She spent the book making amateur mistakes and trying to decide whether she wants to marry Joe or sleep with Ranger.

I listened to the audio book version and it was a different narrator than the one who did the previous books. I did NOT care for the new narrator at all. That made the book a bit tough to enjoy.

This book did have some really good moments. Stephanie teams up with her cousin at one point to try to apprehend the FTA. Her cousin Vinnie is usually just a creep but seeing him as a bounty hunter showed another side of him and I liked that. 

I also liked the secondary mystery of what was stolen and what happened to it. It was really hilarious. 

I am getting a bit annoyed with Stephanie and Joe. She tells people she and he are engaged but they are not even close to being their in the relationship even though they have been together since book 1. That is 7 books together. It was just recently that Ranger actually became a threat to their relationship. In this book there are hints that he might become even more of a threat. I know the series is at least partially built on the sexual tension between Stephanie and her two hotties. But, I feel like there is too little going on regarding relationship building. With the way this book ended I am hoping that things will get more intense. And it is about time!



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