Review of Save the Males: Why men matter Why women should care



Summary- This book is a non fiction book that looks at how the feminist push is hurting males.

Rating B

This book is a really great read. It was fun and informative. For me I especially enjoyed it because I shared many of the same views as the writer. If you are a hard core feminist then this book is not for you.

I grew up in a culture where men were in charge. As a teenager I became part of the  “girl power” movement. Girls ruled and boys drooled.

As I grew up and especially once I met my boyfriend (13 years ago) I started thinking that maybe some sane middle ground was a better place to live.

Men are not portrayed pleasantly in the media overall. Sitcoms show most men and husbands as bumbling idiots. I didn’t know if anyone else had noticed. But Kathleen Parker did. How are boys supposed to learn to act when everywhere they turn they receive negative images of men?

I was married to a soldier for a short while and we had discussions about women in combat roles. I believe women can do most jobs men can. But I am opposed to women in combat roles. Parker covers in detail why it is potentially a very bad thing if we allow military women in the heat of combat. I agree with her wholeheartedly.

I need to clarify that I don’t think all women should be home and barefoot and pregnant. And I believe that men can thrive in traditionally female roles if it suits their personalities. My boyfriend is a stay at home dad. He stays home because he is more patient with the kids then I am. And less scatterbrained. They have a routine with him. When mommy is home and takes them out for the day that routine gets shot straight to hell. 

I do think that men and women need to stop being enemies. I think that women should be allowed to do any jobs they are truly qualified to do (if a man has to lift 75 lbs to be hired for the job than a woman should to. If she can’t then she isn’t capable of fulfilling the duties of the position.) I think men should be allowed and accepted in “nurturing” roles if it suits their individual personalities. 

Parker also brings up how the education system is now much more female friendly. More women then ever are getting degrees which is a good thing. But men are getting fewer which is not a good thing.

I had a discussion with a friend about it (she leans a bit more on the feminist side then me). She said women were just more motivated then men to get degrees. I said that men are getting fewer degrees because they are not thriving in the modern school environments. Women tend to forget that just a hundred years ago or so it was mostly men who were writing and reading books. Today, few men read for pleasure. There are some out there. But, I am much more likely to meet a woman who reads then a man. My boyfriend hates books. Hates them. My hypothesis is that in school there was not much emphasis on “boy” books. Adventure stories particularly are valued by most little boys. Too many “girl” books and gender neutral books have taught little boys that reading is boring. I have a brother who was home schooled and  allowed to read the “boy” books. He loves to read. He reads more than I do. I also know of several other mothers who have introduced their young boys to “boy” books and overall the boys become avid readers. 

I am going to come down off my soapbox now. 

Parker’s book reads like an opinion. She has some but not much hard evidence to support her views. Overall, I liked it. But, I think one has to have similar ideas to fully appreciate the book.



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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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3 Responses to Review of Save the Males: Why men matter Why women should care

  1. Arphaxad says:

    Awesome review, I am going to look for this book. I am a father of two girls and I have struggled with teaching them how to spot a real man when they see one. I don’t want them to settle for a pansy boy because that is all they see on tv.

    As for your observation on reading, dead on. I grew up reading DragonLance and Tolkien and found a love of reading. But when I try to find other guys to talk about the latest Paolini book or Hunger Games, they are hard to find.Thankfully my girls love reading and I enjoy sharing that hobby with them, but where are the men that will connect with them on an intellectual level?

    • Thanks for letting me know that I wasn’t the only one who noticed males don’t seem to be reading as much as females.
      I am also a mom of two girls and I really worry about what kind of men will be out there for my daughters to marry when they are old enough.

  2. Arphaxad says:

    Reblogged this on Random Thoughts and commented:
    A couple of days ago I read a great book review, and I have been rethinking about it continually. The reviewer authorjanebnight, made some great observations.
    She talks about how there is a short fall of men getting involved in reading and writing. Now, neither she nor I are saying that men do not read or write, I for one am a man who does, but simple that there is a shortfall.
    But I think she can say it better than I can, so go check out her book review of “Save the Males” by Kathleen Parker, and judge for yourself.

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