Drowning in muse

Today on my lunch break I was working on my newest novel; working title of “His brother’s child.” Briefly, there are twin brothers Alex and Nicholas. Alex gets a girl pregnant but doesn’t find out til he has married another girl. So, Nick is forced to marry Moira in his stead. Anyways, I am in the middle of visualizing a gripping scene between Moira and Nick when two characters from another story decide to steal the stage.

Kalinai and Wintano are a couple from a paranormal romance I am working on writing. I have a rough draft but had stopped writing about 6 months ago because I needed to become clearer on the background of the story. Wintano is a type of shifter and I hadn’t quite fleshed out the hows and whys of that.

So, Nick and Moira were pushed off stage so Kalinai and Wintano could explain to me a rather in depth version of their stories mythology.

This was all well and good except that I really don’t have time right now go back to their story. I usually only have about an hour a day to write. Sadly. And I am now really torn about whether to continue with Moira and Nick or to put that on hold (even though I have had a lot of inspiration with that story as well) and hop over to Kalinai and Wintano to fill in some of the gaps of their story which will likely lead to massive rewrites.

I was told once that “Writing begets writing”. I think that means that the more we write the more creative our mind is able to be. That is super. I really love it when the muse pops up and my stories come together. But right now I feel as if I am drowning in muse. I have too many characters that want their respective stories told. And too little writing time. At least until my kids are out of the toddler stage.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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2 Responses to Drowning in muse

  1. nicolanoo says:

    I tend to find that I go through phases like this where I have lots of characters floating my my head all at ince. ited to switch and hop dependng on which one fills me with the most nspriration on any given day. It’s probably a badidea for me o do this because it means I spread myself really thin, but I find it easier to focus this way.

    Have you ever thought about using a ditaphone during the day so that if you feel inspired but don’t have time to write, you can just speak into it to get it all out of your head and type it up later? I know this doesn’t work for everyone though.

  2. Unfortunately, where I work I would not verbally be able to record my thoughts without disturbing my co workers. But that is an idea I will store for a later time.
    Glad I am not the only one who ends up overwhelmed by characters competing for attention.

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