Review of The Ugly Duchess



Summary- James’ father has embezzled his wards dowry. James must marry  his childhood best friend “Daisy” or see his father punished for the crime. After two whirlwind days of marriage Daisy learns the truth and throws James out of the house. He spends seven years on the sea as a pirate before returning home to win back the woman he loves.

My rating-3.5

This book was really hard to rate. It is divided into two parts. Part one was AMAZING. James and Daisy are so cute as a couple. I love best friend romances and theirs was so tender. They are both very young and it brought back to me all the memories of being seventeen (Daisy’s age as the book begins) and in love. It also brought back all the memories of losing my virginity at 17 to by virginal boyfriend. The writer perfectly portrays the innocence and passion of the first few times lovers join. My favorite part was a scene where James asks if he can touch Daisy “Down there” hurrying to add that “my hands are clean. It was so sweet. So innocent. I just felt gushy all over. And I found it incredibly erotic. This is one of those books where my skin was getting warm as I read and my breathing a little fast. I wished I could climb into bed with James myself.

There is a really well done scene where Daisy has just asked James if she can kiss him “down there” and has begun to do so when James’ father walks in on them. It was funny and cute. And ultimately sad because this action dominoes into Daisy finding out about the embezzlement and throwing James out of the house. 

The beginning of part two I did not like at all. This book came very close to becoming a DNF. Mostly, there were several chapters and time jumps that follow James as he becomes a pirate. One of the things that I really hated was that he takes several mistresses. I really like James as a character but I couldn’t quite forgive him for his adultery even if he tried to justify it because Daisy had thrown him out and said the marriage was over. 

Once Daisy and James are reunited the story got better and I was satisfied with it’s end. 

I had a few issues with how the story was written.

Firstly, the perspective jumps felt off. There were many times during the book where a scene would happen in either James or Daisy’s perspective and I wanted to know what they other was thinking but there wasn’t a switch when it felt like there should be.

There were also many places where Daisy or James’ thoughts were reiterated more than was necessary. It got repetitive.

Thirdly, certain things in the book felt off for the time period. I read a lot of regency romances but I don’t know much about actual laws and history of the time. But, there were many times where I was pulled from the story because I wondered if what was happening would have been likely or even legal in the time period. It seemed to go against what other Regency writer’s had drilled into my brain about how things were at the time.

I did not like how the author handled the time between Daisy kicking out James and them being reunited. It felt like information dumping was mostly what was happening. And it got very slow and draggy.

My final complaint is about Daisy. At some times in the book she seemed very confused about what she wanted and who she was. 

This book is worth reading if you love romance and I will read others by this author. Don’t lose heart at the start of part 2. And be prepared to be horny as hell afterwards too because this book was very hot!



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