Review of The Duke is Mine

Summary- Olivia is engaged to a duke who a few years younger than she. Her duke is also mentally handicapped. Olivia doesn’t love him but she does care for him.  Her betrothed decides that before they can marry he must go serve in the military against the french.  While Olivia waits for his return she joins her sister Georgianna,  at an audition for the wife of another duke.

Quin’s wife died several years ago and he needs an heir. He is happy to let his mother pick out his new bride. Georgianna is the front runner for the position.

As Quin’s mother puts Georgianna and the other perspective brides through a series of tests Quin is left to entertain Olivia. And they start to like each other.

Lucky for Olivia that her betrothed is killed in combat and her sister Georgianna decides she doesn’t want to marry Quin after all. So, Olivia is free to marry Quin.

My rating- C

This book had a lot of potential but it ended up falling short for me.

I really like the author. This is the second of her books I have read and I intend to read many more. I just love her voice and the way she writes.

I had a few problems with this book. Firstly, from the get go I preferred Georgianna to Olivia and I actually was sad that Georgianna wasn’t going to get Quin. It might have been okay if she had found another man she liked better but instead she decided she wanted more education. It just didn’t work for me.

I  couldn’t like Olivia all that much. And, while I sympathized with her feelings for Quin and her platonic feelings towards her betrothed, it didn’t feel right to me that she was sleeping with Quin while her betrothed was still alive and serving his country.

Also, it ended up being very convenient that her betrothed was killed in the line of duty. Olivia is already with Quin and has already slept with him and promised that she will marry him instead when they get word that her betrothed is wounded. Olivia and Quin run off to France so they can be with her betrothed during his final hours. Of course, Olivia gets abducted and Quin must rescue her and play the hero.

This book felt very scattered overall and I didn’t like that.

The epilogue was also unnecessary. It dragged on and went into a lot of detail that I didn’t care about. I would have been fine if the book ended with them getting back from France and announcing their engagement. I didn’t need to know that they had a ton of kids and that eventually Quin’s mom decides she likes Olivia (and Olivia’s dog which she hated throughout the book).

I would recommend this author to other readers but not this specific book.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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