Review of When Beauty Tamed the Beast



Summary- Linnett is quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the land. She is admired by all. Until a vicious rumor spreads that she is carrying the Prince’s illegitimate child (though she is a virgin). Her family schemes to marry her off to the son of a duke. The Duke’s son walks with a cane due to an accident and is believed, by his father, to be impotent.

The duke jumps at the chance to be the grandfather to a child with royal blood. Even if the child is a bastard. He betroths his son, Piers, to Linnett.

When Linnett arrives at the castle to meet her future husband she finds a grumpy physician who has no place in his life for a woman. Even a beautiful one. 

Linnett immediately starts making improvements to the hospital system Piers has set up and seducing the beastly man.

My rating- A

The third time must be the charm. This is the third book I have read by this author and it was AMAZING. The two previous ones (The Duke is Mine and The Ugly Duchess) both had potential but fell short from being good books.

This book did not fall short. 

I loved Piers. He closely resembles House from the popular television series (minus the drug addiction). It was easy for me to fall for him  and remain captivated to the last page.

Linnett is both beautiful and kind. She doesn’t like male attention and finds that it makes her uncomfortable which endears me to her. I have been on more than one date where a man began to touch me and it just made me cringe and move away. I don’t know why men think such liberties are alright. Like Linnett I am a passionate woman when I feel safe and loved. 

Piers doesn’t want to marry Linnett for a very good reason. His father was an opium addict and with Pier’s injury he fears he will someday share the flaw of addiction with his father. This touched me very personally as I grew up with a family member who is addicted to pain medicine. It has had a huge effect on my life and that of my family. i really loved how the author handled this topic in the story. The emotions were very true and close to me. 

I loved the secondary characters in this novel as well. There is a little boy with a broken leg that I just wanted to take into a motherly embrace. I also really liked Pier’s cousin who he practices medicine with and their students the “ducklings”.

The only negative thing I can say about this novel is that I would have liked to see more of a resolution in the relationship between Linnett and her father. Her father doesn’t like to leave town and seems a bit cowardly. He is in the opening scene and never shows up again. This is also true of Linnett’s aunt. I would have liked a more concrete resolution of Linnett’s family issues. The story mostly focused on Pier’s issues with his father and Linnett’s issues with her dead mother. 

Overall, I have this to say. This book was amazing. If you love romances and fairy tales this is a wonderful combination which is totally worth the read. I couldn’t put it down. And, I would gladly read it again.





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