Review of The Bride Wore Size 12


Summary- This book is part of a series. Heather  and her boyfriend Cooper are busy planning their wedding. Then, a freshman girl is found dead in the dorms where Heather works and it is up to her and Cooper to solve the mysterious death.

My rating- B

This was a nice mystery novel. It is not one I will read again but I will probably read other books in the Heather Wells series and other books by this author.

This book reminded me of the Do it Yourself Mystery series by Jennie Bentley. If you are a Bentley fan I think you will like Cabot.

The Bride Wore Size 12 is a book that can be enjoyed on many different levels. Since I had never read other books in the series I was primarily interested in the mystery aspect. I didn’t care too much about Heather’s drama with her mother or her wedding preparations. I really applaud how the author gave me enough background information to feel comfortable and caught up but how she also didn’t waste too much of the book on back story either. I love when authors find that balance.

The mystery itself was fun to follow. I did not guess ahead of time who the killer was which was a plus. I am usually pretty good at that.

There were also several other small stories taking place in the book which kept it interesting and created red herrings.

Overall, I enjoyed this book.

I received this book through the Goodreads Giveaway program.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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