NaNo day 2

I didn’t think I would have any time to write on day one but I ended up with 2000 words. I was soooo excited.

Day 2 has not been nearly so good. I managed another 1000 but I am not loving my story so far. I have never written a setting based story before. I have always done character stories. My NaNo story Conquering the Ice is mostly focused on the setting. The world my protagonist lives in. She lives in a cult type setting where they believe they are the only survivors of a world catastrophic event. 

My prologue was a surprise to me. I had never thought much in my planning about how their city “Eden” came to be. The prologue flowed brilliantly and I was on a roll. 

But, chapter one fell short. I wanted to show a regular day for my character before I bring catastrophe. But, I think I started too late in my characters day. I should have started when she got up maybe. Instead, I started at dinner.

I also have the issue that my first few chapters are going to be time jumping, character introductions, and world building so that I can have a very bad thing happen to my protagonist. 

I guess I am hating having to put in all the filler stuff before getting to the meat of the story. The even that sets off a chain of events. 

But, this is one of the few stories where I don’t feel it should begin too close to the “action”. The action doesn’t make much sense out of context. 

Anyways, that was probably about as rambling as my story is at the moment. 

If I had started writing it outside of NaNo I would probably go back and redo all of chapter 1. But, instead I will plod onward and leave the fixing to edits after NaNo is over.

Anyone else having similar issues?


About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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2 Responses to NaNo day 2

  1. Arphaxad says:

    Sounds like you are making progress, with is a good thing. I would second your opinion to move on, maybe continue your status quo description with a second day, then in editing you can either combine them or eliminate one, or just keep both days. I have not had a similar instance as of yet, but it is only day 2 so plenty of time for speed bumps in the near future.

    I’m rooting for you Jane, keep up the good work.

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