NaNo day 3

Today I broke 5000 words. I am a little jealous of the bloggers I follow who have announced that they have already passed 10k words. 5000 has been a fair challenge to me so far.

My story, Conquering the Ice, is the first horror novel I have ever written. I started out as a fantasy writer then veered to mostly romance. I wanted to do something really new for NaNo and I had been mentally working on this horror novel since 2009.

I actually got the idea after watching the movie the Village. I didn’t much like the movie but I thought the idea of a group of people who believe they are the only people in the world and that outside of their village are demons was brilliant. I was living in Alaska at the time so I decided that would be a perfect setting for such a village. 

Damarius is being raised in a very strict and religious village that believes they are the last people on earth and that outside of their walls are only snow, demons, and death.

In the village men and women are kept apart except when they are assigned to the House of Breeding. Also, women must always keep their hair covered.

Damarius accidentally ends up with uncovered hair near her brother who just left the House of Breeding. It was his first visit there and he will not be able to return there for at least 5 years. He is overtaken with lust and rapes her. She doesn’t report him for fear they will both be punished. And, since she is fairly naive she doesn’t really understand what happened. 

She becomes pregnant from the experience and is thrown into a pit as punishment. She is only brought out after she has given birth and her infant son is sacrificed to God to atone for her sins. 

She is then forced to marry a man who she previously saw whipped for his own sins of fighting. Her husband is ugly, stupid, and aggressive.

After years of marriage they have a daughter. As their daughter flowers into womanhood Damarius becomes worried that her daughter will be in danger of sexual abuse after she and her husband are forbidden from returning to the house of breeding. Damarius decides that she and her daughter will run away from the village. The problem is that Damarius has never been outside the walls and she has been told her entire life that there are no people in the world outside the walls and the only life out there are predatory animals and demons. But, she would rather face that then have her daughter go through what she did.

There are a lot of plot holes I need to figure out how to correct. And I am not sure whether the story will end with Damarius and her daughter escaping or upon them finding people. That will probably depend on my word count at the escape.

This story requires a lot of world building and I am finding it challenging to world build while keeping the plot moving in a way that makes any kind of sense. 

Oh well. We shall see how it goes. One way or another I will have my first draft of my first horror story done before 2014!


About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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2 Responses to NaNo day 3

  1. Arphaxad says:

    Your story sounds so interesting, I will be first in line to read it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks. You keep up the good work too! So many new novels being born this month!!!

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