Review of Keeping Kids Reading: How to Raise Avid Readers in the Video Age



Summary- Title pretty much says it all. This book is a non fiction book written by a teacher that outlines strategies for encouraging kids to read.

My rating: A

I feel like this book is a must read for parents. Leonhardt has lots of suggestions for getting kids into books for all ages. And many of the suggestions are not ones you would expect. One of the suggestions I loved but was surprised to hear coming from a teacher was that parents shouldn’t force their kids to do homework. Also, that grades are much less important then raising happy kids who love to read. 

I believe this author has the right idea about how kids grow to love books. Her suggestions really hit home for me.

I have already added a pile of books to the back seat of my car so that whenever we go on a ride my kids can enjoy a book on the road. Keeps them quiet and happy while encouraging a love of reading. 

I also loved how Leonhardt pointed out the problem of kids being forced to read books in school that they are not ready for and that making them like books less and/or not get much out of the books they have to read for class.

I am an avid reader but I rarely read any of the assigned reading for my high school English classes. Many of the assigned books were dull to me and I had no interest in reading them. I didn’t get much out of my English classes for that reason. Now, as an adult,  I have gone back and read a few of the classics I missed. Mostly, they still aren’t for me. 

I had only two complaints about Keeping Kids Reading: How to raise Avid Readers in the Video Age

1. I read the kindle version of this book and there were quite a few places where it wasn’t well edited. I still got the gist of what the writer was trying to say but I felt like one more quick edit would have made a lot of difference for the book.

2. The last 10% of the book was fairly dull to me. It went over the different paths of reading. Leonhardt explained how a student who started reading a certain genre usually took steps towards certain other genres. This info may be useful for parents who are trying to discover what books their kids may like but for a casual reader it was skippable.


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