Review of This Duchess of Mine


Summary- Jemma and Elijah have been separated for years. Ever since Jemma caught Elijah with his mistress. But now, Elijah is dying and needs an heir.

My rating B

Spoilers Alert

This book started out a bit slow. Eloise James gets really into the clothing and fashions that her characters wear and I sometimes get bogged down in the details. The very first chapter had a bit too much dressing and clothes for me.

Also, Jemma doesn’t know that Elijah’s heart is failing and she gets advice from friends about seducing him. She sets another woman after him which I didn’t like and is trying to play all these games with his head.

But, once you get into the meat of the story it was really good. Elijah’s heart is failing and once Jemma learns that she sets out to save him.

Jemma and Elijah are not well matched partners. He is very into politics and improving the world. She is into fashion and chess. Still, both characters were well developed and I was rooting for them.

There is also a POV character who is best friends with Elijah and who likes Jemma. I thought that was weird. I am guessing he is in another book of James’ later. There is a horrible moment near the end of the book where I was afraid Elijah was going to die and Jemma was going to end up with this friend. There is a possible cure found for Elijah’s condition. But, the cure might kill him within hours. That same day the friend is saying how he needs a wife as soon as the next day if possible. Luckily, Elijah survives the cure and the friend must go on to find another wife.

This book is part of a series and I must confess I have read only this one so it might be that my fears would have not occurred had I had more background from the other stories.

This book has some really marvelous love scenes. It also has some really amazing romantic moments. I almost cried as Jemma is desperately trying to find a way to save Elijah. And I think I was even more touched by Elijah feeling like he can die happily since him and Jemma have reconciled.

I loved the characters (I didn’t love but can excuse Jemma’s clothing obsession). I liked the main plot. Jemma and Elijah are united after years of estrangement because Elijah is dying and needs an heir. Their love is rekindled and they begin fighting to save his life.

Overall this book is a good read. I really love Eloise James books.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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