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I am currently at 50 downloads and I am really hoping to hit 100. If this book looks interesting to you please download it for free and enjoy.

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This story takes place in the future during World War III.

It is my first to be told in first person POV (not my fav POV but a must for this story). 

POV characters are Birdie and Sharon Louis.

Birdie wants to escape the painful memories of her past. She joins band Rev 21 who are about to start touring. She falls in love with Neil and Eric who are both band members.

Neil sings and manages the bands affairs to a large degree. Like all men of the time Neil is a former soldier. Due to health issues he never left stateside. 

Eric is the bands guitarist. He is also a veteran but he saw the deepest horrors of the war. He is an artist who is physically and emotionally damaged from serving his country. 

Sharon is a war widow raising a young son. She is a member of the Nations of Allied Scientist for peace. She and the other members of NASP are plotting to set of a series of bombs that would end life on the surface of the earth which would end the war and also throw technology back to the middle ages which would allow the earth to heal from all the environmental damage that humans have done.

Sharon’s primary task is to choose 100 children who will be placed into underground vaults and who will be responsible for saving the human race. She must decide whether to put her own son in the vaults knowing he will never see sunlight again nor have fresh air. 

The events in this book lead to the world where Educating Autumn takes place (I plan to add several more books to the Louis Saga as well.)

This book does contain some adult language and content particularly in the parts told by Birdie. The life of a musician protesting a war is a hard one to be sure.

I hope you enjoy reading it!


About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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    Thank you for the free book

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