Review of The Eugenic Marriage Volume I (oh IV) A personal Guide to the New Sceince of Better Living




A non fiction book written in the early 1900’s.It discussed the ideas of making healthier babies.

My rating B

Ok, first off I have to say that my main interest in this book was to find out how people in the past viewed reproductive health. It was really amazing to see what things were the same and what were really different.

One thing that surprised me was how much a woman was cared for after giving birth. She wasn’t supposed to sit up for 10 days. Can you imagine that? I had a c-section and was up and walking within 12 hours. 

It seems that there were many of the same concerns about the educational system. Especially how kids were being taught to regurgitate facts instead of learning to think.

There were some interesting ideas presented in the book that I think we don’t really look at much these days. The author claims that everyone is born with a ceiling to their potential. Good parenting can help them reach that ceiling but they will never get above it. I think this is probably true but something we no longer like to acknowledge.

Overall, I think this book is an interesting read as long as it is read with a grain of salt. Some things are still true to our times. But, most of the book isn’t.




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