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Summary- Lord Lyon and his family are cursed. If they fall in love they die shortly afterwards. But, he has a duty to have an heir and pass on his land and title. So, he enlists the help of matchmaker Thea Martin to find him a bride he can’t possibly love. Lyon and Thea were childhood friends and suddenly Lyon finds that he is unable to resist his feelings for her.

My rating: C

In fairness I have to say that this book is part one of a series and I have only read this one so far. My opinion of the book may significantly increase after the other two.

I liked Lyon and was sympathetic to his plight although I felt the curse thing was kind of ridiculous. All the men in the Chattan family fall in love, get married, sire a single son (except for Lyon’s father who broke several of the rules) and then they get tingly and after a few months they die. 

I did like that the author gave him and Thea a very thorough back story. Thea was an interesting character although I couldn’t quite like her.  She is a widow and I liked her boys and her role as a mother. She just didn’t come off as a heroine I would want to be. And many of her choices were fairly poor (ie she doesn’t believe in the curse and then she an Lyon get married and suddenly she does believe and she runs off so he will hate her because she somehow thinks that will reverse the curse even though he previously loved her and she is pregnant with his son).

The secondary characters in the book were interesting. Especially Thea’s sons and Lyon’s siblings (who star in the next two books).

This book ends abruptly with nothing being solved and I really hated that. It was in no way a stand alone book. Lyon has started to experience the tingling so his brother makes plans to go off and try to break the curse. Then, it ends. Lyon remains in peril and if you never pick up the next book he will forever remain so. 

I also was not able to suspend disbelief about the whole curse thing. It was a bit ridiculous. 

First off, why does every man for generations have sons? Second, since this book is historical and about aristocracy I am amazed that Lyon’s dad was the first marriage that wasn’t a love match. I thought back then love matches were an exception not a rule. 

Thirdly, it is amazing to me that in the context of history a family could have gone through so many generations with only a single male heir with the rate babies historically died. There was a reason people had “an heir and a spare”. If that was all part of the curse then in a way it was actually a blessing. A baby boy is born and assured that he will grow up until he is the age where he can find love and marry.

Lyon’s dad apparently is the first to not be in love with his wife and so he has three children and lives to a fairly ripe old age before falling for a woman and shortly after dying (no baby in this woman’s belly though). 

Lyon and his sibs at first planned to just all stay single which would break the curse. Then of course Lyon decides it is his duty to marry. He wonders if he can marry without love if that will break the curse for the family although of course his father already broke the rules of the curse by having 3 kids and not impregnating the woman he loved and died for.

I enjoyed reading this book but there were a lot of places where I just had to stop and say “yeah right”


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