Review of Book Marketing is Dead: Book Promotion Secrets You Must Know Before You Publish Your Book




Summary- a non fiction book about marketing a self published book.

Rating- D

First off, I want to note that this is the only book listed n Amazon under this author. I am always very wary of buying books about book marketing from people who have very few books that they are selling. If you are a writer who has ten books out each which has at least twenty or thirty reviews I believe I can trust that you know what you are talking about. If your only book is on book marketing I am very hesitant to trust you. It is of course possible that he has published other books under another name. But, that is my first red flag that his book was full of crap (although I didn’t know this prior to reading).

Secondly, this book came up really weird on my kindle. Too light. It is the only one this has happened to so not sure if this was a weird error with my machine or something in the way he uploaded it onto Amazon.

There were two main things that were a turn off to me about this book. The first is that he insists all self published authors must spend a good bit of money on their books. 

Here is the sad truth. Most books don’t sell well. I have two self published books. One has been out for almost a year. They are both quality books. The first I spent more money on making then I have so far gotten returned. I have made exactly $10 from my first book which was Educating Autumn. I paid around $75 to produce it. My second book, Singing the Last Song, has been out for a month and has made me $2. I would never recommend an indie author spend $300 on production costs for their book. There is no telling if they will EVER get that money back. If you are rich then feel free. But, we are barely making it and I wish now I hadn’t even spent the $75 on book production with the first. I still have to make $65 to not have lost money. Most of the strategies in this book are expensive and indie writers will probably lose more then they gain (this is just my opinion and it is different for everyone of course). 

The other thing I thought was sketchy about this writer is he recommends paying for book reviews. That rubs me the wrong way. I have never paid for a review. I am glad to give out free copies of my books with the hope that some readers will be so excited about them that they will write a review. But, I would NEVER buy a review. I find this dishonest and of course it can get expensive for a writer. And, will the money they spend on reviews really help them to make any money back in sales? Also, as a reviewer I can’t imagine asking for money to review a book. I review books for FREE. I get books from Goodreads Giveaways and  books on Amazon that I think I will enjoy. I also occasionally buy books at the local bookstore (I still use one of those even though apparently they are out of fashion these days). And I use my library. I post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. I do it to help other writers. I do it to help readers. I think it is terribly unethical to expect to buy my or any other reviewers opinions. Someone who is being paid to read a book may not have a background in the genre either so their opinions may not help a reader decide if the book is right for them. 

Sorry for the rant but that really bothered me.

Anyways, I don’t think this book will be very useful to the majority of indie writers. 

On a side note I was wondering how other self published writers do early on? If you are a self published writer would you mind sharing your story in the comments section. With your first two or three books were you making a grand a month or lucky if you sold one copy per month? There are so many books about self publishing where the authors claim that after ten or fifteen books priced at $0.99 they were able to quit their jobs and live the good life. But I have also heard that many traditionally published authors still have to maintain a part time job to pay their bills. I want to know what the norm is. Please share if you are comfortable doing so.



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