Review of Once Upon a Tower



Summary- Edith loves nothing in the world more then to play her cello. Suddenly, she finds herself engaged to Gowan who doesn’t even know what a cello is. He marries her and they make off to Scotland. Almost immediately their marriage crumbles and Gowan storms off. So, like the mature and well bred lady that Edith is she locks herself in a tower and waits for her prince to come and rescue her.

My rating: C

I really liked Edith as a character. I can understand having a passion that gets in the way of other things in life. I loved that her world evolved around her cello. 

Gowan had a lot of baggage from his parents and he entered the marriage with several issues including an anger management problem. But, he was upfront about it and I really could get past that and like him.

My favorite character in the book was Edith’s stepmother Leyla. She is a chain smoker who desperately wants her husbands attention and to have a child. 

The characters were the only reason I could give this book a rating as high as I did. 

For the first quarter of the book there is really no conflict. Edith and Gowen meet. They get to know and like each other. There is a lot of lust happening and several romantic scenes reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. But, there is really no conflict and I kept wondering when the characters were going to stop wandering about being happy and have a real story.

Finally, the characters have their wedding night. Gowen is a virgin as is Edith. Sex hurts for Edith. They try again. It hurts again. This cycle repeats and at some point Edith fakes an orgasm.

Sometime later Gowen realizes that Edith faked her orgasm and his pride is so hurt that he says terribly nasty things to her and storms off. Edith then writes for her dad to come get her because she is going to have her marriage annulled. Then, she locks herself in a tower.

In certain parts of the book both Edith and Gowen really needed to put on their big kid underwear and stop acting like selfish toddlers who didn’t get their way. And, the faked orgasm and inability to have comfortable sex is the main issue these characters face. It just wasn’t enough conflict to hold the book in my opinion.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to a friend but if they saw it and thought about reading it I wouldn’t tell them not to either. 


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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