Review of A Vow for Always

Summary- book six in the series of Amish romances. Luke’s memory returns just in time for him to stop Meredith from marrying Jonah.

This was a DNF for me

First off, I need to confess that I was not aware this book was part of a series. I got the audio version from our online library because I really like Amish romances.

If I had read the series from start to finish I might have liked it. But it was very confusing to be thrown in the midst of things with no real context at all. 

In the beginning of the book Meredith and Jonah make plans to marry. Jonah seems like a really great guy and there is no obvious reason why Meredith shouldn’t be with him. Similarly, Luke was rescued by an “English” family and the woman who had cared for him at the hospital has a crush on him. 

I liked who everyone was paired with and there is no clue of the love Meredith and Luke had. So when he suddenly gets his memory back and comes running home to her I had no reason to hope he would make it before the wedding. I didn’t want him. I wanted it to be too late and for Meredith to marry Jonah because I had seen her and Jonah together and had no idea what her marriage to Luke was like.

This is not a stand alone book. Make sure if you want to read this series you start at book one. 



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