Review of Losing It


Summary- Bliss is starting her senior year in college and she is still a virgin. Determined to fix that she meets a guy in a bar and invites him back to her place. Things get hot and heavy but at the last moment Bliss chickens out and sends handsome Garrick home.

As if things weren’t bad enough she gets to her first day of classes to find that Garrick is her new teacher.

My rating A

This book was a fun read.

Bliss is a bit odd and she is the POV character.I think I like the second book in this series alternating POV better. In this book Garrick doesn’t get his own voice until the epilogue. But that was really my only negative comment.

This book was full of situational humor and I laughed at many of the jams bliss ended up in. I especially like the story of her cat. When she chickens out of sex with Garrick she tells him it is because she has to pick up her cat from the vets. Later, she feels guilty and actually gets a cat so he won’t know that she lied to him.

I really loved Garrick. I would totally have dated him even if he was my professor. And, I really enjoyed the characters being theater students. That made for some very entertaining stories. 

I also enjoyed the secondary characters but felt a bit sad for Cade who doesn’t find love until the second book. He is totally into bliss and it was nice for me to have read the second book first otherwise I might have felt pretty bad about his plight.

This book is a good read light read and I would recommend it.



About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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