Week 2- My Journey to Becoming an Author

Is this your first time reading my blog? Here is what you need to know- I am working to replace my current 20k income from work with income from book sales. I started writing 18 years ago when I wrote a fan fiction series with a friend. Last year I made the leap to self published author with my first two books Educating Autumn and Singing the Last Song (both available on Amazon).
 I have also published two non fiction books under pen names. By the end of the year I want to have 10 books out.

Week 2-

I gave away 5 audio book copies of Educating Autumn through Library Thing. I have never done an audio book giveaway through them before but I have done ebooks. When you give away ebooks on Library Thing they send you the winners email address. When you give away an audio book they don’t do that which was annoying/confusing. I ended up messaging each person on their Library Thing account to give them the code to pick up their audio book. I don’t think I will be doing an audio book giveaway like that again. I will save my audio books for reviewers, family, and friends I think. I will continue to do ebook giveaways though.  

I did a 5 day KDP giveaway this week as well for my newest non fiction book. I had over 200 downloads which was nice but much less then I expected.

I have not generated any reviews at all this month which has been a bummer. Only Educating Autumn has reviews. All my other books do not have any which bothers me. I am a bit torn about whether I should concentrate my time and attention on getting more reviews or just on writing. If I can start making a steady income with my writing I will have much more time for more writing.

This week I plan to finish the first draft of my current project. The book takes place after Educating Autumn and is my first bi racial romance. Also my first doctor/nurse romance. Currently untitled.

This morning I made an outline for a romance I want to try to write in the near future. It will be my first Angel/human romance.

I also want to finish my pitch for Wedding the Widow. That is the next novel I plan to publish. I also plan to submit it in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel competition (http://www.amazon.com/b?node=332264011 to learn more)

Here is my current pitch:

Augustus  knows that a wife and family can never be more than a dream for him. His former fiancée made that perfectly clear when she left him before he had even recovered from the surgery to amputate his leg.
    Yet, ten years later he agrees to marry a desperate, pregnant, widow.
    Augustus is immediately taken by the beauty and charm of Charlotte. He is even more enchanted by the idea of a child in his home. He can offer the widow his home and protection. He assures himself that his missing leg won’t matter in their marriage as long as he can keep her away from his heart. And his bed.
    Augustus plan seems to be working until Charlotte gives birth to a stillborn child. In her grief, she begs Augustus to give her the child her heart desires.
    Can he let go of his past long enough to put a baby in the womb of the woman he is quickly coming to love?

    Ezra Caudill needs a wife to help him care for his blind father. He asks a businessman to find him a wife from the east. When Sophie, a widow who is also a virgin, steps off the wagon and into his life Ezra isn’t quite sure what he is supposed to do with her. At first, avoiding her seems an option, but then, a desperate woman leaves her infant child in their care and Ezra and Sophie must beat all odds if they are going to be able to protect the child that has settled into their lives and hearts.

It isn’t bad but not quite right yet. Once I get it right I also plan to use it as a book description on my product page.

I have some more editing I plan to do on the manuscript of Wedding the Widow also. I don’t plan to release it until June so I have some time for that. But, I need the first 3000 words to be perfect just in case my pitch takes me to the second level of the competition.

Overall, a busy week planned. We will see how much gets accomplished. Wish me luck!






About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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