My Journey to Become an Author- Week 4

For new readers- My name is Jane and I am attempting to replace my 20k a year income from my job with writing income.

Last week I gave away my novel Educating Autumn on kindle for free.

Here were the goals I posted last week for the giveaway.

-I want 500 + downloads

-I want 5% of my downloads to lead to reviews

-I want at least 5% of those who download Educating Autumn to buy Singing the Last Song

-I want 5% of my downloads to lead to blog, twitter, or goodreads followers

-I want 1% of my downloads to lead to an audio book sale

Total downloads were 820. Of those 750 were from (the US one).

I have had no additional reviews, follows, or sales at this time but I am aware that sometime it takes readers months to enjoy a free download. And many never will get to it. I currently have three or four hundred books downloaded to my kindle but I only manage to read about one or two a week.

Overall, I was very pleased with the giveaway and I am hoping to use the same techniques this summer when I release three new novels.

This week in writing I am mainly editing my novel Wedding the Widow. It is the closest to complete of my three planned for this summer. The other two books I have need one more draft written and then some good editing. They are close to complete but not quite where I want them.

This week the other thing I am doing is reading books on personal finance and investing. I want to be able to eventually give up working outside the home all together. I want to be able to write full time. It is a vicious catch 22. I want to be a professional writer but until I can do that I must work which takes away from my writing time. So, I am looking to be financially smarter as well as working on building my writing business.

I also have vowed to check my sales less. I had been checking daily but that can get disheartening if you don’t sell much.  So, I think I am going to cut back to checking the last day of the month (unless I am doing a giveaway).





About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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4 Responses to My Journey to Become an Author- Week 4

  1. Don’t get disheartened!

  2. Thanks. It is a long hard road but I am confident I will succeed. Eventually.

  3. kole says:

    We really loved talking with friends and family about this article and are eager to read more from you. Fantastic! Everyone should know your post is very enjoyable.

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