Interview with Sally Lundy-Frommer; author of Yesterday’s Daughter


Summary of Yesterday’s Daughter (from Goodreads)

Yesterday’s Daughter is full of suspense and surprises as the plot develops. It holds a mirror to contemporary society so we can consider our feelings about people who seem different from us, the assumptions we may make about other groups, and the consequences of those assumptions. Yesterday’s Daughter is an emotionally laden paranormal vampire romance novel woven with layers of betrayal, love and loss. Grace Stone, who later learns her true identity is Sapphira, is a loner who survives abuse in the foster care system after being abandoned as a child. A brilliant student, she escapes from her brutal foster parents as a teenager and creates a life for herself. But, her life is little more than existence; plagued with questions about what she really is, a family that she has never known and the never-ending need to keep her differences hidden. She is alone and lonely, believing it will always remain so until Malachi appears in her life. Malachi, a Guardian of the vampire communities, has searched for his life mate, Sapphira, for decades. He refuses to cease searching for Sapphira even though she is believed dead by all. Conflict arises over the decades between Malachi and his family because of his refusals to accept another mate. But his very soul drives him on to continue his search, knowing that he could not exist if Sapphira were not in the world, somewhere.

Interview with Sally Lundy-Frommer

Q.How did you decide to become a writer?
I didn’t (lol). It kind of slipped up on me. I’d had the dreams for years and ignored them. After all, writers are “those” people, right? But, then the medical practice in which I worked closed. I had more time on my hands and I just started writing. It was very cathartic. Sapphira and Malachi were very happy to have their story told.  They’d been trying to get me to write for years.  (smile)
Q: Is paranormal romance your favorite genre? If not, what is?
Paranormal romance is totally my favorite genre.  Give me a great love story with werewolves, ghosts, vampires, shape shifters and things that go bump in the night!  The paranormal world opens up endless possibilities.  I love the “what if” element of the paranormal world.
Q: What authors do you most admire?
I have many favorite authors that I like equally but for different reasons.  So, instead of naming one favorite author, I’m naming a few.  Some of my favorite authors are J. R. Ward, Jean Auel, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Christine Feehan, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jeaniene Frost, Dee Henderson, Larry McMurtry, Nalini Singh, George Shuman and Jhumpa Lahiri.  They are all truly gifted writers.
Q: Your website says you are married. Does Malachi have many similarities in personality to your husband?
Malachi is steadfast, honest, passionate, a true north.  Malachi is a composite of all my husband’s wonderful qualities and is everything my amazing husband is with fangs and immortality…J 
Q: What qualities do you think most make Malachi a hero that your readers will fall in love with?
Fans love Malachi because of his dedication to Sapphira.  It would be so easy to give up when everyone, and I do mean everyone is telling you to give up.  Everyone tells you that the other half of your soul is gone forever.  Malachi does not heed, nor is he swayed from his search for Sapphira in spite of the fact that all believe her lost, dead, gone into the void.  That kind of devotion is hot!  But, fans also like the fact that Malachi is gorgeous and loves Sapphira with a ferocity beyond words.  He’s the complete man, beautiful inside and out!
Q: Have you personally had any experiences with the foster care system or was that something you had to research for the book?
I have no personal experience with the foster care system, thank God.  I’m part of a very large, very close family.  We’re a small clan, (lol), well, maybe not so small.  I’m the youngest of ten children and have nieces and nephews older than I am.  So, you can image how crazy the holidays can be…J
Q: Do you have plans to write other books not connected with Yesterday’s Daughter?
I’ve started the first of a series of novellas featuring the character, Meka Secretan.  The stories will be suspenseful and romantic.  It will be interesting to watch Meka make her way through the danger and puzzles of the cases she investigates while trying to navigate love and its surprises.       



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