My Journey to Become an Author- Week 5 (Evaluating February)

To new readers- 5 weeks ago I decided to blog about my attempts to supplement at least half of my 20k a year pay in order to move to a part time or lower paying job nearer where I live.

It is my goal to be completely honest with my readers and to share my truth with other new writers who may be wondering what it is REALLY like to be a kindle writer. There are tons of books online about making huge money with kindle but is that the exception or the rule?


The last week has been really rough for me. I missed a great opportunity to get some writing time in. I really need to be able to devote more of my day to writing in order to create my content in adequate quantities.

On Wed I broke my toe. After spending most of the day in the ER and being given a cute little boot to wear I was told I could take one day off work (I went to the ER at the hospital where I work). Our hospital policy allows us to take two days off and only be docked one attendance point. I figured if I was going to get one day off I might as well take the full two. Also, I can’t take my pain medication while at work because it makes me drowsy and I wanted some time to adjust to my boot. This all should have equaled two amazing days of writing. It didn’t. It equaled two days spent watching television. I do feel a bit of guilt for that but I am hoping and planning to do better next week. One of my other problems is that I really need to have a set writing goal for the day and after I hit that point I need permission to relax. What has been happening is I have been squeezing writing into every spare moment and not having any leisure time.So many books say that is what you have to do to be successful but I feel like after 2000 words I should be allowed a bit of downtime. Maybe that will be my downfall. That is something I will need to assess next month when I try it. I need to see if it makes me more or less productive.

In February I also started anti-anxiety medication. These have made me a bit more sluggish and less motivated to get writing done I think. But, they are taking an edge of my anxiety so overall I am probably getting more done when it comes down to it. I can concentrate better. My battle with anxiety is one of my primary reasons I want to find a job nearer my home and with less hours. I have an almost phobic fear of driving in snow. I live in central Ohio and we have had a horrific winter this year. I have literally had nights where I see snow falling before I go to bed and am up all night fretting about the drive the next day.

Earlier today I checked my sales for this month. I am really far from my goal of making $1000 a month with writing. On the other hand, I made more this month then I made all of last year in sales so I feel like that is something to be proud of.

I should mention that I publish under a few different names. I am hoping my sales will significantly increase once I have three or more books under each name.

For anyone not familiar with pen names the main purpose is to help your readers identify what kind of book you are writing. My fiction is all Jane B Night. I have one book out (and four others planned) under the name Bianca Clovis. These books are non fiction and deal with parenting and relationships. The only one I currently have published is very personal and talks about some PTSD my ex husband experienced. I needed to hide his and my identity from the general public to minimize legal issues I might otherwise have if my words kept him from being hired for a job or whatever. He works in law enforcement and so I have to be very sensitive to his reputation.My final (for now) pen name is Jacqueline Donne. The book I currently have under that name is a guide to masturbation for women.I didn’t feel it was appropriate to be under either of my other names. In the future I will probably put any books that have strong adult content such as erotica or books on sexual issues under that name.

Here were my totals for each book in the month of February:


Paid Sales: 1



Paid Sales:0

Audiobook Sales:2

Free Downloads(Promotional): 820


Paid Sales: 3

Free Downloads (Promotional): 111


Paid Sales: 4

Audiobook Sales: 3

Those were my numbers for February. Not Spectacular but far better than February of 2013 when I self published my first novel Educating Autumn.

My goals for March:

Get up an hour earlier to write in the mornings.

Give more attention to the non fiction books I have planned as they seem to sell better than fiction.

Where are you on your writing journey? What conquests and failures have you had so far?




About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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