My Journey to Becoming a Full Time Author- Week 6



New Readers- Six weeks ago I decided to really up my game as an indie writer and bust my butt so that half or more of my yearly income is from writing. For me that means the I will need to be making $10K per year. That is a pretty tall order but I am going to make it happen!


My boyfriend and I are both sick so this has not been a very productive week of writing. The kids aren’t showing open signs of sickness but they also are more cranky then usual and more needy.

I also have gotten sidetracked a few times which was so frustrating. I had great intentions but my results were not worth the time.

One thing I did was create two more gigs on fiverr. I started out on fiverr doing a writing gig in the hope of earning enough money for book covers and illustrations. Last month I actually mad almost $50 which was way more than I expected in a month. I think it would be really great to get myself mores established and then use it as another source of income if I can get enough customers. The problem was that I kept having gigs denied due to the pictures I chose for my gig picture. Apparently, they didn’t meet fiverr requirements. I probably spent five hours resizing pictures and uploading them only to have another denial. I finally bought 7 logos to use as gig cover images (like the one above). That was a good call except that fiverr still rejected one of my gigs though they did accept the other with the logos. Overall, so much time spent on fiverr that could have been spent writing.

Also, I had been reading a book about participating in research studies as a way to earn extra income. I thought it would be fun. The writer of the book included several websites to visit to sign up. I did what the book said and about half of the sites didn’t accept non students for the studies (which the author never mentioned). The others didn’t have many online jobs to choose from. I honestly felt a little cheated by the author and feel like they didn’t do their research. Overall, that was several wasted hours as well.

All of those things were distractions from writing this week.

I had a non fiction book for Kindle that I was hoping to put out this week but as I went through and edited it I realized that I needed to expand the scope a bit and add about 5000 words.The book is about things that military couples can do to make deployments easier for couples. Since I need to add so much; that book will not be out this week. I am hoping to be able to publish it in another two weeks.

Overall, this was not a productive week and has not brought me closer to my goal of being a full time author. I surely hope next week goes better.

What do you do to keep from getting distracted and keep your eye on the writing prize?


About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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2 Responses to My Journey to Becoming a Full Time Author- Week 6

  1. nicolanoo says:

    Keep going Jane. I’m sure everyone has weeks where they aren’t as productive as they would like to be. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with your goals. I always enjoy reading how you’re getting on.

  2. Thanks so much! I appreciate the support.

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