My Journey to Becoming A Full Time Author- Week 8



This week I released my sixth book. It can be viewed at

I also made a deal with an audiobook narrator to produce the three books I currently have that have not been made into audiobooks. So, by summer I will have six books in audiobook format which I am very excited about. Currently have 2 complete and 1 in production.

I have managed to do 2000 words every day this week which has made me super excited. I am working on my first paranormal (kinda) romance. It is about a woman who begins to have dreams about a strange man. It turns out they were past life lovers. She ditches her current bf in the hopes of finding Mr. Dream Man. And, since it is a romance, she does.

I have also had 3 fiverr orders this week which is keeping me busy.

I plan to switch to a more nearby job with fewer hours in February 2015 so I am really trying to get my writing off the ground before that. I had to call off work today because my boyfriend, who usually watches the kids, was up all night with stomach troubles. I have actually had quite a few recent call offs because last month I broke my toe and there have also been several snow days. I am starting to feel like that might all be a sign to expedite my plans a bit.

I know I want to write. I will probably always have a part time job at least but I really want to be able devote more time to writing and to have that as my main profession.

I am back to checking my sales page daily. It is such a compulsive thing and I really need to stop. But, I have been curious how my new books are doing.

My twin pregnancy book sold a copy the first day. My release last week of 11 mistakes couples make during deployments has not yet sold a single copy. Which is a bummer.

Overall, this month I have had 4 ebook sales and 4 audiobook sales. Absolutely not enough to replace my income of course.

My other challenge recently has been with my family. My twin daughters are too little to understand that mommy sometimes can’t play because she is trying to get work done. There had been quite a bit of hair pulling and screaming this week as I have sat on the couch with my computer trying to accomplish necessary tasks.

Also, my boyfriend and I had a long discussion about my dreams of being a writer. My boyfriend does try to be supportive but it is hard for him to imagine me as a “real” writer. A professional. He doesn’t particularly like books anyways so it is hard for him to grasp why people spend their hard earned money on them. And it boggles his mind that I want to write as a living. To him, it is too close to school work.

And, I think the idea of my income being erratic makes him nervous. Rightfully so of course. If I ever have just income from writing we will really have to rethink our spending habits and be much more cautious then we are now. 

But, that is my dream to eventually be able to do that. Someday.

How long did it take you to begin making a real living with writing (if you do, that is)?



About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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