My Journey to Becoming an Author- Week 14 (looking back on April)

For new readers- I am working towards a goal of becoming a full time professional author. I self published my first book February 2013. A little over a year later, I am trying to focus on my writing career.

April has been a month full of changes. Most of them great. And quite a few scary.

First off, as of today, I officially am a part time employee. My current employer has needed to cut back hours and I offered to go from full time to part time. It was a move I had intended to make for a while but wasn’t quite at the right place to do so. Luckily, everything fell into place. I am scared to death since I am the sole bread winner for my family of four. But, fewer hours outside the home means more time with my children. My lengthy hours while “working” three jobs has taken a toll on my parenting. I was going to my full time job in Medical Records 40 hours a week with a total of 10 hours commute. So, I was gone for 50 hours per week. Now, it will be 24. In addition, there was my novel writing and all that goes with self publishing. As if that wasn’t enough to keep a woman busy, I also have been doing gigs on Fiverr to pay for things like  cover art, proofreading, and translation for my books. It left me a tired mommy and not able to give much to my kids. I am hoping that my new work schedule will help all that.

At the beginning of April, I had just two of my books converted to audio books. I now have a total of six books converted to audio! Two of those just went live and available for sale 4/29.

My audio book sales for the month totaled 7 sales for the month. Now, I admit that isn’t very much, but I am pleased with it.

I added four new ebooks to my books for sale bringing me up to a grand total of: 10 ebooks for sale.

Total ebook sales(this does not include promotional books): 16

No too long ago I considered a month successful if I sold at least one ebook. I am ecstatic to have sold more ebooks then I have for sale. Again, I know this number seems small. And, certainly no where near sustaining a family of four.

Last month, my audio book sales were 5 and my ebook sales were 9. So, my numbers are increasing.  This makes me hopeful that they will continue to increase!

Overall, I am pleased. Naturally, I wish that I had sold a thousand books last month. Any writer would. But, sales are sales. And, I am proud of how far I have come.


A look forward to May:

In May, I will be doing a final Amazon give away of my book Singing the Last Song. Then, I will be removing it from the KDP select program to publish it on Smashwords. I am trying to transition several books over to Smashwords once I feel that they have run their course with KDP Select. For anyone not familiar with KDP select, this is an agreement with Amazon that for the duration of 90 days, your ebook will appear exclusively on Amazon. For the exclusivity, you get 5 days to sell your books for free or at a discounted rate. The select book is also part of the Kindle Lending Library and people who are members of that program can borrow the book. It has many benefits, but, Singing the Last Song has been a KDP Select book for 180 days. I feel it is time now to expand it’s market reach.

I have published on Smashwords before and they are also a really great ebook publisher. Books published through them appear at many online retailers including Barnes and Noble.

I currently have one book available through Smashwords. In May I have two books that will be expiring from the KDP select program and which I will be adding to Smashwords.

I also am waiting on the translation of Singing the Last Song into Spanish. Two of my other ebooks are already available in Spanish. I also have one book that is supposed to be in the process of being translated to French, but, I am having some issues with the person I hired to translate and I am not sure whether the project will even end up finished. That is one of the problems with hiring people to do work you cannot do.

I had hoped to put out my book Wedding the Widow in May, but it looks like I will need to wait until June. The proof reader I use is having some personal issues and taking most of May off. I really like her work and I am willing to wait a few weeks rather then hire an unknown.

One piece of advice I have for new writers, when you find a contractor who delivers for you, make sure you keep them busy with projects. I send all my business to a few select contractors because they are absolutely amazing.

If any of you are writers who use fiverr to hire contractors I will be glad to tell you who I use for proofreading, cover art, and translation if you send me an email at

I am excited about May. I really hope May is the month that officially launches  my writing career. But, only time will tell.

Any stories that you writers out there can share of when you finally started having measurable success. How many books did you have out? How long had you been publishing?




About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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2 Responses to My Journey to Becoming an Author- Week 14 (looking back on April)

  1. Harliqueen says:

    Congrats on your success, sounds like things are really going in the right direction 🙂

  2. Thanks. It is a really exciting but terrifying journey!

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