My Journey to Becoming a Full Time Author Weeks 15 &16

Last week was so busy I wasn’t able to post. But, that is alright. I have been busy working on making my dreams come true. And, that is very much worth it to me.

I am now only a part time employee. I go to the office Sat and Sun for ten hour shifts. Normally, the place I work doesn’t have part time employees but there were too many employees and the dept was a bit over budget. The manager decided to do part time for those who wanted it, to avoid layoffs.

So, I have been doing fiverr gigs as my primary income. Naturally, this takes away from my writing which is a bummer but I do have more time with my kids. And, I am still getting writing done. I just have to figure out how to balance it all. It is very tough.

I did the final giveaway for Singing the Last Song using my KDP select. Later this week I will be adding Singing the Last Song to Smashwords (and therefore Barnes and Noble and other amazing Sites). Since I have so many pen names to manage, I upgraded to a publisher account on Smashwords. I am very excited about it. I may end up actually publishing outside of just my own stuff one day. My dad keeps saying he wants to write some books but doesn’t want to mess with the self pubbing stuff. Gave away just under 400 books which wasn’t as much as I hoped but it isn’t bad wither.

I was doing a giveaway of several books, including my Spanish language ones. I got feedback that the translation I had was very poor and so I removed all of them and found another translator. But, I think I am going to put translating everything into Spanish on hold for a few months. I just can’t afford it now that fiverr is my bill money as well as my writing needs money. And, I am so bummed about all I spent on the original translation.

One of the issued with using fiverr and other such freelance sites is that you never know how the quality of what you are getting is. I think that is one reason I have a steady stream of buyers. I give my work my all and deliver great stuff.

I am waiting for my proofreader to send back the manuscript for my novel Wedding the Widow. I expect to release that before June. It is a historical romance and I am very excited about it.



About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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1 Response to My Journey to Becoming a Full Time Author Weeks 15 &16

  1. Harliqueen says:

    At least things are still moving along for you 🙂

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