Review of: When God Becomes A Drug


Summary- A non fiction book about how some people fall into religious addiction much like others fall into alcoholism or drug use to deal with their personal pain and shame.

My rating: C

I really loved the beginning of this book where Father Leo Booth talked a lot about the signs of religious addiction and what that looks like in a family.

I grew up in an extremely religious family. Probably, a family where at least one member had some mild religious addiction. So, this book was very fascinating to me. It showed me my family in light of people who had an addiction as opposed to just excessively religious or “scary”  Christians (you know the ones. The ones who ask if the devil made you make out  with a  boy when you are 15 and throw you into therapy because obviously a 15 year old girl who makes out with a boy has something terribly wrong and abnormal going on. Yup, those kind of scary Christians).

I especially loved the chapter on the signs of religious addiction. Some of the ones I could most relate to in my family were:

Inability to question/doubt authority or information

Magical thinking that God will fix you

Believing that sex is dirty and evil

Psychosomatic illnesses

Rigid and obsessive adherence to rules, codes, or guidelines

Basically, there are a lot of people in this world who have deep pain in them and they try to find something, anything to cure it. Some turn to drugs, gambling, sex, or God.

This book is a real eye opener for anyone who grew up in an obsessively religious environment. But, it is also not a book against religion or God. Father Leo Booth reenforces that religion is a wonderful thing to have in your life when used properly. Much like pain pills, when used correctly meet a medical need but when used incorrectly can become a drug addiction.

My main issue with this book was that I thought it would have been better as two books. The first about understanding religious addiction and the second about curing it.

The latter half of the book was about helping yourself if you are a religious addict. I thought the information in the first part was great and something most people (especially children of addicts) could read and appreciate but the latter part of the book was only useful if you were indeed an addict.



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