My Journey to Become a Full Time Author- A Look Back on May 2014

For new readers- I self published my first book February of 2013. I am now working my butt off to become a full time author.


Thank you to all my amazing readers. I am really sorry that this month has been a little slim on posts. My new schedule has been very difficult to adjust to. On that note, I have decided to do monthly updates instead of weekly updates on my successes and failures.

There are still a few days left in May but tomorrow we are celebrating my daughters’ birthdays. Friday I really need to get my butt in gear and finish proofing Wedding the Widow so I can publish it. Then, Saturday and Sun I work.

This month was my first month working part time and writing full time. It has been very overwhelming and I am feeling very burned out. I have made a bit under $500 this month from Fiverr gigs. I get paid $4 per gig so you can see how very many gigs that is. I am feeling totally unmotivated to do the work for others and this morning I might have lost a customer who had been routinely ordering because I was so burned out I could only manage 1100 words for his gig where I usually deliver just under 2000. My gig actually says up to 2000 words and it is about writing a custom adult story. I wrote the story and I honestly felt it was complete at the 1100 word mark. But, the buyer was not happy so I went back and added fluff to get the story to 1600 words which was a number we could both live with. I am bummed that I am not more motivated to get the work done because I really do love what I am doing. I am just finding it really exhausting on top of all of my own writing.

And, as far as that goes, this month hasn’t been great for creating new content either. I am working on a story about an actor named Vincent who is a real jerk and who thinks he is super special and treats women like dirt. Then, he is in a car accident and ends up grossly disfigured. He loses his girlfriend and his acting career. He ends up retreating to a small town where he falls in love with the local veterinarian, Annie.

Anyways, after a full month of not working on it I have only 8 pages to show. Sigh. I need to get into a writing routine so I can produce new content on a regular basis.

This month I have been mostly focused on marketing and editing. Both noble pursuits but not at the cost of new content.

I have been cleaning up a first draft of a romance I was hoping to have done by July. Not sure now if that is really going to happen or not. I love the story and characters but need to clean up the ending a bit.

I got Wedding the Widow back from the proofreaders. I am about halfway through making the suggested changes. Once that is done I will need to read through it one final time and then, I am going to release it. I am so ready. After a while I get so tired of a project I just want to be done with it. I love the book. I can honestly say it is my best yet and since it fits neatly into a genre I think it has the best chance of all my books of having decent sales potential. But, we shall see.

Marketing wise I ran several giveaways. Overall, I gave away: 1268 eBooks this month (this was over all my different markets and several different titles).

I sold 11 audio books and 26 eBooks (approximate numbers and this indicates all markets my books currently appear in and all titles).

At the end of May I have 10 different books for sale. Some in only eBook. Some in audio as well. Some only through KDP select and some through Smashwords too.

I am currently working on converting all 10 books into paperbacks as well through Createspace. I am waiting on proofs for the first 4.

When I write all this down it seems like May has been a fairly productive month. But, of course, I am feeling like I was incredibly lazy and could have done so much more.

I think that is probably a pretty normal feel for any indie writer.

My goals for next month:

Publish Wedding the Widow

Correct Book 1 in the series His Brother’s Child and send it to the proofreaders. Maybe I will release that one in July.

Finish the first draft of my actor/veterinarian romance.

Convert all my books into paperback form

Also, next month my kids start soccer and gymnastics. I am hoping I will have more writing time while they are in practice. Whether or not that will be a reality, we shall see.

Any comments, suggestions, or personal experiences would be appreciated.




About authorjanebnight

Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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6 Responses to My Journey to Become a Full Time Author- A Look Back on May 2014

  1. Harliqueen says:

    I think when we’re doing it, it doesn’t seem like much. Writing it all down though shows us how much we can accomplish!

    A great month for you 😀

  2. Thanks. You are so right. It felt like I was being a total slacker all month then when I looked at all I had done I was like Wow! No wonder I am feeling a little burned out and tired.

  3. As a full time writer I am impressed by your productivity. The only suggestion I have is to commit to a word per day number on your own writing and not stop until you get there. Eight pages a month is not going to keep your WIP in a fresh condition so you don’t have to spend time reviewing what you already wrote. The number count can be low enough so you can visit the work each day. Best wishes.

    • Thanks so much for the input. This was my first month and I totally agree that I need a set daily word count. That is one of the things I am hoping to implement for June.

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a very busy and productive month. Way to go!

  5. Thank you. I am hoping next month is even better!

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