Review of A Window in Time


Summary- Due to a weird accident a woman Brianna accidentally travels through time and trades places with her great grandmother Anna. To make matters worse, Anna happens to be on her way west as a mail order bride. Both women must adjust to the time warp as they try to find their way back to their own times. They also must fight the complicated feelings of love they are both suddenly having for men who are not from their own century.

My rating B+

This was a really fun and feel good book to read. I enjoyed the story and the character very much. There were many funny moments as the women tried to adjust to the different time periods. I also loved the secondary characters, particularly the men who run the Pony Express that befriend Brianna.

The romances were enchanting and I really rooted for the couples and was delighted when everyone got their HEA.

I enjoyed the storytelling enough that I was able to put aside some of the more unrealistic elements of the story. This story is fairly unbelievable and in places predictable (but many romances are). I didn’t really like the whole plot of how they got switched. A teenage boy who has a science experiment go awry seemed a bit farfetched to me. I also didn’t really like the mad scientist teenager character.

If you are looking for a nice fun romance to read and you don’t mind a bit of unreality, this book is a good option for you.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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